Gotham 2×11 ‘Worse Than A Crime’: The Dark Gordon rises

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Nothing good happens at that bay, does it? First, Fish getting tossed into the water, and now Galavan getting popped in the head with a lovely umbrella shoved down his throat….But wait, did you see what I saw that made me squeal like the piece of trash fangirl that I am?

Ohhhh, I knew some STRANGE things were going down at that Indian Hill place alright.

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I spy with my one blue eye.

God, I hope Dr. Strange resurrects all the badass baddies because we can’t keep losing them like this!

Although I think Jim is about fed up, and dare I say, a little bad himself? His face when he shot Galavan is literally going to haunt me until February. I’m so scared for Jim because I just did not want this to happen. But then again I like it. The most I remember from the pre-Nolan Gordon is that he liked to gamble and he liked to deny that Batman existed. Of course Gordon is given more of a character within the DC comic universe and is in pretty much every version of the Batman story that exists (yes, including the vampire one), but his dependence on Batman and his extreme uprightness began to completely define his character after a while. So I’m really kind of glad that we get to see a rage filled Gordon with ambiguous morals, and crazy relationship issues.

And by glad, I mean emotionally damaged.

I do love that Jim’s and Bruce’s story lines and character arcs have been closely tied in this past season. And I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY loved the route that Bruce’s story took. He had so many chances to be awful, and rightfully vengeful to Silver, but even though he knew that he was still being played by the girl, he gave her a chance that she probably never would have given him. He didn’t take the route that came about with constant frustration and a growing fear like Gordon did. Yes, he may be totally dark and broody, and constantly getting tied up, but young Master Bruce  will not lose his sense of justice, or what he deems to be right or wrong. He will find a way to win without using someone else as the fall guy, even if he doesn’t have an exact plan, which both Selina and Alfred knew he didn’t.

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At least he didn’t slap her this time.

These two characters arcs between Gordon and Bruce converged beautifully last night, and it makes me glad that the characters are just so darn good on this show.

And thank God for comic relief because the intensity and the darkness were about to give me a heart attack. Like Alfred’s trash saga with a side of getting tazed in the face absolutely floored me. And don’t even get me started on the all-boys villains’ coir that just consists of Penguin and Ed. And oh my God, the way the main monk was shot by a heavy breathing Bullock will never not be funny.


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Squad goals.

And while this part may not have been funny, it did excite me beyond all reason and coherent thought.

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Ice to see you, Victor Fries *random Austrian yelling.*

Okay, I totally did not need to remind anyone of a certain Batman movie that shall not be named (don’t click on the bat nipples!) but in all sincerity Mr. Freeze is one of my favorite Batman villains has probably the saddest and weirdest origin story ever, so I really hope they don’t mess with his beginnings too much as they have with other villains. Although new interpretations are always appreciated.

All in all, my little nerd heart is jumping with joy over what is to come, including a possible baby batgirl! February cannot come soon enough!

Marnie Azzarelli

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  • Rachel

    The picture you have of Fish really does make me so happy, but at the same time makes me sad because you failed to realise who was quite possibly in the tank next to her: the hairstyle, the colour of the hair even…you can’t miss him with the ginger hair…
    I totally get why people didn’t pick up on it (I didn’t even pick up on it at first), I mean everyone saw Fish and just went “OMFG YES SHE’S BACK!”, and were so caught up on who was in that body bag, and failed to notice anything else (and anyone else) in the tanks.
    I have said this for many weeks now (and basically raved about it on my tumblr account) and now I can definitely say I’m not being delusional: Jerome Valeska WILL return and become the Joker like everyone wanted him to become.

    • Marnie Dee Azzarelli

      Ah, THANK YOU! I thought that was him, but I also thought I was just getting excited for no reason! He is perfect in every way, so I don’t see how the Joker can be anyone else! The next half of the season is seriously going to be wild. I can’t wait.