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Gotham 2×08 ‘Tonight’s The Night’: I’m hearing wedding bells

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Oh, they’re not for Barbara no matter how beautiful that dress was. No, I’m hearing these bells come from a flightless bird with a gunshot wound and a mental game lover who had more people to bury in the woods than he originally planned. How beautiful was that last couple of seconds? These two glared and pouted at each other last season, but since Ed has given into his dark side, and Penguin has completely lost his top, I can see the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

Which officially marks the first time that two classic Batman villains met up to make some havoc together. I admit that I squeed. Not just because I am in love with both of them, but because their one little scene last season was super electric, so just imagine these two amazing actors together for a few episodes, or even an entire season. I really had to stop myself from screaming when I saw that ending.

Obviously, this was a match made in heaven/hell too because now Penguin has a way into the GCPD where a certain former mayor is now hopefully rotting.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

God love you, Jim Gordon.

After Bruce almost gave into Galavan and his master manipulation to give him Wayne Enterprises, Galavan’s reign of sneaky terror came to an end when Barbara so helpfully told Jim (before breaking half of her body) where the actual mayor was.

It was the evidence Jim needed and with one pimp slap later, Galavan is finally going to get his. Actually, he probably won’t because his psychotic sister is still floating around, and this man is so slick he’ll just find a way to slip slide out of the GCPD, or wherever Jim plans to put him.

This episode honestly changed everything around, and quickly too.

The second Barbara walked into the GCPD the gears were starting to turn, and after listening to her go on and on about how much Jim was married to his job and not her (a person in love with attention and admiration) she had the first “human” moment since before she murdered her parents.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

She thought she was dead and gone when she let go of Jim’s hand, so the “wild and crazy girl” façade dropped, and even though she was the one who left Jim first, we feel bad for her. Gotham may have brought her into its fold with open arms just how Jim used to, but every man she was “involved” with after him chipped off more and more of herself until she ended up broken (literally) and unhinged.

Her character has become so interesting in the past year that I honestly can’t wait to see what they do with her next because of how different she has become. She wasn’t born into the Gotham madness. She’s not like Tigress, who was savage from the start, Cat who grew up knowing only poverty and mistrust, or even like Fish who was the epitome of the flash with a dark core that Gotham is known for. Gotham, and the awful men in her life who seamlessly guided her into an obsessive and revengeful path, made her into the ideal of the Gotham villainess. So now I’m wondering what her next step is, if there ever will be a next step because her physical condition is a little critical.

All in all, this entire episode was such a huge turning point that I really can’t imagine what next week will bring, but I do know that I am beyond excited for it.

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