Gotham 2×07 ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’: An Ode to Gertrude Kapelput

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Oh Gertrude, why hast thou been taken from this mortal coil? Why hast thou been ripped from this earthly plane all too soon, perishing in the arms of your most beloved Penguin?…. It’s cos the Galavans are total A-holes that’s why! Theo’s getting a little sloppy man. Did he not know what Penguin did to become the king of Gotham? Does he not understand how disturbed that little, hobbling man is? And let’s not forget how devoted he was to his mother. Did he think this was going to end well?

Actually, it has so far because he’s the mayor, and his arch-nemesis is in love with Silver, and the whole town loves him and everything, but that’s not to say that he won’t get knocked down off that pedestal soon enough, and I hope to God that it is Penguin who does it.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

He’s already slashed his throat, and tricked him with an army of fake Penguins, and he still has his lovable goons like Zsasz on his side and that other big guy whose name I can’t remember. He is far from done, and I still don’t know why I’m rooting for a guy who forced two old people to kill each other, and brainwashed and cut off the hand of Butch (the most huggable goon), but I feel real freakin awful for Penguin no matter how awful he’s been to others.

Also Jim seems to be on his side probably due to the fact that Penguin blackmailed him, and because Penguin knows how unbelievably twisted Galavan and his one dimensional sister are. And Jim needs anyone he can get to convince everyone else this now without losing his life. Thankfully, he still has Lee around to keep him sane.

Well, hopefully Lee’s still around since she’s hanging out with Ed, and Ed finally let that other side of him take over entirely. Which can actually, really happen to some people.

It makes sense though. The quirky, ungraceful, weird Ed before the first murder didn’t seem like the type of personality that would enjoy murder and mayhem and the thrill of almost getting caught. But the new personality thrives on that certain chaos, and obviously since the second death, Ed has been a bit more unhinged than usual, so a new Ed needed to step in and show his dominance.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Thankfully, this was pulled off brilliantly by Cory Michael Smith and the use of a Louis Prima song that made every single one of his green tinted scenes disturbing and hilarious. I am a little sad to see the sweet and slightly creepy Ed go, but it was inevitable. Once again I say: poor Ed.

I’m not going to say poor Selina this time though because I love how she tore both Alfred and Silver apart for mistreating her, and I can’t wait for the day when Bruce sees how wrong he’s been about Silver, and Selina is going to give him the cold shoulder because she’s sick of everyone’s crap and I don’t blame her.

The web of deceit with Galavan and his cronies is growing though and it makes me nervous. While the Maniax were a flash in the pan, Galavan has his tendrils everywhere and anywhere he can, and that is just honest to God bad news.
So all in all, this has been one of the most entertaining, surprisingly atmospheric, and frustrating episodes of the season, and I am so glad that this show just keeps getting stronger and stronger all the time.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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