Gotham 2×06 ‘By Fire’: All burnt up

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From darkness to despair in just one scene. As always thank you Gotham for making me have feelings for Batman villains that I happily beat the crap out of in video games. But also thank you for giving these characters some of the best arcs in the world, and thank you for making my Monday nights oh so sad and intense.

It was like watching a dog try to protect its master from harm, but accidentally ripping its throat out at the same time. Oh, Nygma. You were so close. You professed your love by strangling that loved one, but I believed you, bud. You loved her. You just have the worst reactions of any human being on the planet.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

But really, who knew that Ed’s story line was going to be this tragic? Yeah, I figured Kristin probably wasn’t going to last too long, but I thought that maybe she’d betray him, or he would get angry and turn into the villain we think he is. Kind of like how Barbara 0 to 50 on the crazy scale almost overnight, but instead we get something heartbreaking. Something completely accidental and terribly heartbreaking.

I honestly think Ed has what we usually think psychotic criminals have: a true mental illness. He didn’t know what he was doing. He thought that since Kristin seemed so open to a guy who was direct and didn’t hold back that he had the right cue to tell the truth. We aren’t surprised that it went wrong, but he sure was.

It’s almost like that part in Frankenstein when the monster finds the only person who treated him nicely, and tosses her in a river because he thought she’d float like the flowers they were throwing on the water for fun. You know, the saddest part of the entire movie.

It’s like he just didn’t know any other way to react. And while Ed’s first “kill” was kind of funny and slightly justified, this is just tragic. I didn’t think there’d be another death that would upset me more than Liza’s, but this one did it in spades.

I am glad that we didn’t lose two female characters tonight. At least technically.

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Source: FOX

Although I don’t know how long she’s going to last getting tested in a facility sitting on an Indian burial ground.

That place definitely doesn’t look like it’s sketchy or will harbor some of Gotham’s most terrible monsters or anything like that.

But that wasn’t the focus of this episode in terms of Firefly. What we really got to look at was how she freed herself from her abusers, and started to murder all the “pervs and bullies” of Gotham. Because of her abused past, she lashed out the only way she knew how: by literally fighting fire with fire. I really enjoy this portrayal of her character and I hope that when she does come back on with her new fire retardant body, we can get a bigger arc out of her with especially a focus on her relationship with Selina, who can’t hold on to a person to save her life.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

I adore what’s happening with Selina’s character. I just absolutely love it. She is trying her hardest to open up to people any way she knows how, but she keeps getting denied any kind of close relationship with someone at every turn. We can honestly see how she’ll eventually alienate herself from all of them and “look out for number 1.” The complexity, and the almost war she has with herself when she wants to care for someone, but knows she shouldn’t is pretty astounding.

Really every villain characterization on this show is pretty complex and amazing in their own right.

Even Galavan, who is just one big veneer sometimes lets his real, wicked self through, and I actually can’t wait to see him crack entirely. I’m guessing he’s a hell of a lot worse than his sadistic sister.

All in all, I know I missed a lot of what else was going on last night, but I’m just so floored at how well these characters are being handled that I ran out of space to write how I don’t trust what’s going on with Butch and Penguin, and how Alfred really needs to stop beating up children. This episode was entirely too good, no matter how heartbreaking that last bit was, and it also opened the door for more mystery and intrigue to come.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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