Gotham 2×04 ‘Strike Force’: Between a rock and a Penguin

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I am still upset about Jerome and the loss his insane laughter permeating every second of this episode, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t miss him too much. For the last two weeks, he brought his own kind of madness that made the show feel incredibly different. Obviously it wasn’t in a bad way, but with this week’s episode bringing it back home by centering on the characters that haven’t got a lot of play lately, I noticed how different the show was when Jerome took control of the screen.

And it was such a good different. Actually it was a great different. But it’s been so long that we got to see our favorite side characters play around with each other that I’m kind of glad that last week happened.

Like Butch. When the hell was the last time we got to see Butch and his charming, quirky self? Hell, when was the last time he actually got to talk for more than a few seconds?! I know he was coerced into being the Penguin’s henchman, but he’s just as utterly devoted to him as he was with Fish.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

The whole story line with the Penguin getting blackmailed is kind of sad too. Poor Mama Kapelput. I think everyone knows how much Penguin loves his dear mother, which is probably why Galavan saw him as an easy target. Why do you think Fish kept everyone at arm’s-length? No love, no blackmail. It’s simple as that, and now the King of Gotham is showing just how hard it is to pay the price of keeping your loved ones close while trying to be the underground leader of a corrupt city.

Another price being paid is Jim’s. His private crimes to get back where he wanted and to get Loeb out of Gotham is definitely coming back to bite him with the Captain Barnes airing out all the dark deeds of Gotham’s finest. Since this new captain also wants to go after the Penguin with his new (and incredibly hot) strike force, things are getting even messier for Jim because he’s up against a man who doesn’t want to play by the city’s crooked rules, but wants to obliterate all the dirty games that Jim was just learning how to play.

For example, I don’t think the new guy will be able to handle Galavan’s twisty plans. Hell, no one truly knows exactly what Galavan is up to (or that he’s actually a bad guy for that matter), and it’s actually a little fuzzy to me too. So he wants to build in a residential area to save Gotham? How are office buildings going to do that? And how exactly is that his revenge for his founding family being forgotten? The whole plan sounds a little fishy to me (pun intended).

Again I say, I truly enjoyed this week’s episode, and it had so many great moments. Like Galavan’s not so subtle manipulation with Bruce by introducing him to Silver St. Cloud, and of course Nygma’s awkward, but actually successful date was the most adorable and slightly creepy part of the episode.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

If Ed Nygma can get some by saying that he hears voices in his head then so can I!

The only thing that truly irked me and was a little effed up was Alfred punching the crap out of Selina. She’s a kid, dude! What the hell?! I know Alfred doesn’t like her and all, but that seemed so out of character for him, and it totally shocked me.

All in all, this episode felt more like a homecoming than an empty episode, and I love that this show proves that it can keep up its steam no matter what new villain arises to try and steal the spotlight.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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