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Gotham 2×03 ‘The Last Laugh’: Don’t forget to smile

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Called it! I knew Jerome wasn’t long for this world, but I was so not prepared for that ending whatsoever. I mean, it was beautifully done, but we might have a problem now. Jerome was so good that I think we’re going to feel the immense emptiness of that laughter next week.

I knew they were going to go slowly with the Joker storyline. The creators literally have said that they were taking their time with the Joker for a while now, so when they rushed the hell out of Jerome becoming a terror to Gotham, I knew it was just too good to be true.

Maybe, just maybe he isn’t actually dead, but they did go through excruciating detail to show just how much Galavan stabbed the crap out of him.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX


I do think that in the batman tradition, whoever becomes the joker (if it’s not truly Jerome) won’t have any definable backstory. He’s just going to be the manic, red mouthed crazy man that we all know and love.

At least that’s what the ending also implied besides the fact that Jerome’s dad predicted the future correctly. Jerome did make an impression on everyone in Gotham, including the possible future Joker, and with the cut scenes to children and teenagers laughing manically as they harm innocent people, it’s obvious that the Joker could be literally anyone at this point.

But I SO want it to be Jerome though! He was (is) just perfect in every way! I honestly don’t know how someone else could top him, but I guess we’ll be waiting a LONG while to see.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Anyway, I am starting to enjoy Theo Galavan and his well-crafted plan of being looked at as a hero instead of a villain. Actually, I think I just enjoy his voice the most, and I wouldn’t care if he took over Gotham as long as I get to hear him speak. I do like Tigress too, and Barbara is also pretty perfect. I especially love that she’s manipulating both brother and sister for her own crazy ends, and that probably won’t end well for anyone involved, especially Lee.

I also totally dug the fact that we got so many allusions to Bruce’s Batman years that I basically pterodactyl screeched for the last thirty minutes of the show. Also, Alfred’s crush on Lee was too precious, and so was every moment with Bruce and Selina.

I’m just super impressed by this episode because I think it is finally hitting its stride and understands the perfect amount of darkness and camp that it needs to achieve in order to be successful.

All in all, the Batman feels are real, and the Joker lives on even if he’s not in the same, amazingly talented body that he started out in.

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