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Gotham 2×02 ‘Knock, Knock’: Laughter is the best medicine

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Unless Jerome shoots you. There ain’t no helping that. That was…God that was disturbing. Awesome, super violent, and fairly cruel, but disturbing nonetheless. With the addition of a red-headed, wise cracking, rising villain it made it semi palatable. If not making me guilty for laughing at his jokes while numerous dead bodies are scattered around him. Obviously, this episode was more than just Jerome related, but like all his other incarnations before him, he stole the show with his maniacal laughter.

I’m not even lying. Yeah, I’m totally upset that Sarah Essen (who was always a favorite of mine) died after like a day of being the commissioner, but I can’t stop thinking about the entire scene before her death where she and Jerome volleyed back and forth at a psychotic pace, and the fact that Jerome thought her spit was “strangely pleasant.”

He has literally taken over my mind, man!

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

And there were so many other great things going on in this episode too! Like Bullock is back, which I already said makes me sad but also happy. Oh and hello again Lucius Fox! I’m so glad he’s on the pre-Batman team, and his scene with Alfred and his thinly veiled threats was just golden.

Actually the whole breakup between Alfred and Bruce was the cutest thing ever because we knew Alfred was going to come back, and that Bruce would want him back. They are just so adorable together, and act more like siblings than the father/son or master/servant relationship we always see them in.

Oh, and nice job taking a bullet for Kringle, Nygma. Whose confident and daring now, Other Nygma?!

Now let’s get back to the villains because I can’t get Jerome’s laughter out of my head. Obviously, he and really the rest of the Maniax were perfect. Barbz and the Tigress are fun and crazy, and I hope they get involved with their crazy plans more often now since two team members are already dead thanks mostly to Jerome.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Then again, Jerome is much better off by himself because he literally cares about no one else.

And yes, I’m still calling him Jerome because I’m not entirely convinced about who he is going to be in the future. Yeah, he’s like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Mark Hamill rolled into one, and of course the laughter and his insane philosophy are perfect, but I’m not entirely buying it.

I want him to be the Joker, I really, really do, but this show is known for its tricks, and the Joker in general is mostly known for his extreme “jokes,” and disappearances, so I’m not expecting a normal, linear story line for Jerome, whether he turns out to be the Joker not.

Either way, I’m going to enjoy him while he lasts because I have a feeling that he’s not going to last too long in the city since he’s more than a little extreme.

All in all this was a surprisingly thought provoking episode. Insane and disturbing, but also very thought provoking.

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