Gotham 1×22 ‘All Happy Families Are Alike’: There’s a bat moon on the rise

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Let’s forget about that awful pun and get down to the brass tacks, and oh, there will be spoilers. So Barbra’s nuts, Ed is paranoid, Fish is swimming, Maroni’s got a hole in his head, Falcone is retiring to the south (probably Florida), Jim is confused, Cat is a bad grrl, Bruce actually figured something out, and Penguin is the king of the world…er, I mean Gotham.

Just…wow. That was super-fast. I need about another day to comprehend it all.

Also, I hate cliffhangers, especially when I’ve wanted to see the Bat-Cave because it has been promo’d for two freakin weeks!!!! I was looking forward to that!

Not as much as I was looking forward to Barbara losing her damn mind. She wasn’t really subtle with that uncomfortable blank stare of hers, and I’m kind of wondering what villain she’ll end up being unless she’s a new wild card like Fish.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Who is turning into Michael Meyer’s at this point because there is no way in heaven or hell that she is dead. No way at all! I also felt beyond bad for Butch, and I’ve probably felt the least amount of sympathy all season for Penguin.

You ain’t the king, honey. I love you, you cold-blooded psycho, but I have a feeling you’re going to be way beyond cocky next season, and I kind of can’t wait for Fish to come back from the ocean with another new badass look and kick the ever-loving out of you.

Because you’ve seen what she can do. She straight up murdered Maroni because he’s a sexist pig, and he wasn’t even on the top of her list. Lord knows what she’ll do to you.

Or Cat would do for that matter. I know the teaming up between those two was extremely short notice, but I liked it, especially since their team name can be CatFish and in the DC universe that makes a load of sense.

Like how Gordon’s distract attorney dad gave Falcone a knife for the shiggles. I’ll miss him too if he ever does make it down south because besides the whole Liza thing (which still hurts) he was actually a pretty good character. He was a heartless mob boss with a heart of gold, and that’s such an odd pairing, but compelling nonetheless. It made his character extremely human instead of the vengeful, killing machines that Maroni and the mobsters are.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Oh, and let’s not forget my favorite part of the night, and the only reason I’m kind of sad right now: Nygma. I honestly thought they were just going to skip over him because his scene (kind of like Bruce’s) didn’t really connect with the flow of the main plot of the episode, but it did fall into place right after Penguin claimed to be the king of Gotham, and I couldn’t be happier/sadder.

I am glad that Kringle is one smart cookie, but I also fear for her life because there seems to be a couple of people living inside Ed’s brain, and not all of them are sweet and quirky. Remember when I said that he looked so damn torn after his first kill, well we can now see that there is a reason behind it, and as Ed crumbles mentally, he’ll leave behind more clues that only the world’s greatest detective can figure out. Or probably Gordon. Oh no, I don’t want to see Ed in Arkham just yet! Gah, I too am super torn because I’m enjoying the character and how he’s just going to keep losing himself, but he was just so adorable before!

All I know is that there are still about a billion more loose ends in this season finale and I CANNOT wait to see it again in the fall.


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