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Gotham 1×20 ‘Under The Knife’: The Riddleman’s reckoning

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I thought when Ed was stabbing those watermelons it was just a part of his normal odd but endearing shtick, so when it turned out to foreshadow Dougherty’s murder it kind of stopped being endearing.

BUT BECAME REAL SUPER SAD INSTEAD! Y’all thought I’d give up on supporting Ed that easily?!
I figured he was going to break soon. It just had to happen, but I still wasn’t fully prepared.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

I kind of hate saying it because it sounds wrong, but the scene was beautiful. The setting, the atmosphere, and the acting (God bless you, Cory Michael Smith) just made it into something both unsettling, and upsetting, but extremely well executed. Ed’s hysteria at his bloody hands that looked like a mixture of pain and joy just sealed the whole scene for me.

He’s completely sickened about what he had done, but not totally because he really freakin enjoyed it. And that is what scares him so much that he can only say ‘oh dear’ over and over again.

Ugh, I just have way too many feelings for a villain who was once played by Ace Ventura.

On to even darker news, I totally want Barbara and the Ogre team up. There’s no practical reason for it besides that I don’t care for Barbara and her going bad would actually make her character interesting.

Oh, and did the Ogre give himself his own nickname because of his face, or did some cop just happen to coincidentally name him after an off putting monster not known for having a handsome face?

I do kind of enjoy his character even if he reminds me of a mixture of Christian Grey and Patrick Bateman.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

And speaking of strange couples, this episode already started off with a bang because of how fantastic Bruce and Cat are. I mentioned last week how their future is already shaping up, and this episode upped that ante even more. While they actual work really well together (and look good while doing it) they’ll never agree on what it means to take a life.

That seemed to be a HUGE theme of last night’s episode with Ed killing for the first time, the Ogre’s sordid past being exposed, and it was rounded out with Penguin’s plans to kill Maroni.

Hello, upsetting scene number two! Poor Gertrude, she just wants to be proud of her son, but with him being a cold-blooded killer that makes it pretty difficult. And to see him react with emotion over having to lie to his mother again was also pretty sad. And then to see him kill the flower guy outside their apartment was not as sad.

All in all, these episodes are just getting stronger and stronger, and with two weeks left, I don’t think I’m anywhere near handling it well.

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  • MithrandirOlorin

    I love Barbara and I’m predicting she’ll become Batwoman

    • Marnie Dee Azzarelli

      I do hope she becomes at least something, so we can see her character grow.