Gotham 1×18 ‘Everyone Has A Cobblepot’: Don’t hate the player, hate the city

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Oh no, don’t be bad, Gordon. Don’t be cold and malicious, and give in to that city. What would Thompkins say if she knew what you did? Where the hell is she?!

Ugh, I saw it happening, and knew it was going to be true at some point: Gordon is playing the game of Gotham with the rest.

As usual, this show leaves me torn.

Yes, it would be great for Gordon to be President of the Policeman’s Union, because he’ll try to stop the corruption, but he’ll have to corrupt himself to climb that ladder and make the city a better place. Ironically, Penguin has been there for the whole ride, and probably will be there a long time after, especially when he wants his ‘favor.’

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Loeb was right when he said Jim was cold for threatening him with his daughter. That’s not the Jim we’re used to, and it’s kind of unnerving. It’s not that he’s a warm and fuzzy character to begin with, but we expect him to do what’s right.

Of course, Jim’s redeeming quality is that he is persistent, but I think after talking to Bullock about how he can never forget the bad stuff he’s done in his past, Jim sees the path he’s throwing himself headlong down. He might be able to make things better for Gotham City, but not before he compromises his own morals in the process. I know he hoped for it to be different, but I think he’s found that he has to play their game to get anywhere, and it will cost him.

Speaking of which, I guess Fish didn’t really have to sacrifice herself after all. I kind of want a pretty blue eye transplant now.

She’s another one who’s true motives I just don’t understand. Obviously, she wants all the power she can get, and that means most of the people working near or around her lose their life or get irreparably damaged (*cough* Liza *cough* Butch *cough*) but I still can’t tell if by playing along with Dr. Dulmacher (or the mad scientist formerly known as Dr. Frankenstein), she’ll actually end up trying to save the people in the cellar. I kind of hope so because I would like to see a nicer Fish, but you truly never know with her.

And, oh poor, poor, Nygma. Yes, I accept the fact that he is pretty creepy towards Ms. Cringle, but he honestly tried to do a normal date thing tonight, and you know what he got? A devilishly handsome man with awful riddles, and a very patronizing attitude, that’s what he got. He even got her flowers too! How upsetting. I guess they’re fast tracking the Riddler’s rise, and I have come to accept the fact that he’ll turn his genius into mania.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

It still makes me a little sad though.

But Penguin was on point last night! And by point I mean he enthusiastically opened a geriatric fight club. What the hell?! He is so clever, but so extremely disturbing at the same time. Although I think Miriam, the Bird Girl might have upped the ante there with her dead bird jewelry, and how she ended up as the madwoman in the attic. Those necklaces are kind of awesome though. At least more awesome than killing older folks.

The little we got to see of Bruce and Cat was, as always, the most angsty part of the night, but their hug was the cutest, and I love the way Alfred and Bruce take care of each other, but I think I’ve said that 300 times at this point.

All in all, I’m on a fast train to being extremely upset by the characters on this show. I am super stoked.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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