Gotham 1×17 ‘Red Hood’: Oh no…no, no. Don’t use that spoon!

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Oh, oh my God, eww! Don’t you…don’t you dare stomp…UGH!

Holy hell, we know you’re a bit extreme, Fish, but that was…I’m a little nauseous.

Cool episode though! And I kind of love that this show is going to make me constantly question who the Joker will be even if I am still holding out for Cameron Monaghan because he was awesome no matter how different they made the origin story.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

And now, with the introduction of the Red Hood (whose original identity in the mythos is the Joker), finding the Clown Prince of Crime got a lot more complicated. At first, you think it’s the wise cracking Floyd with the wacky hair, but he gets offed pretty early for getting a little too cocky. Then, you know it can’t be the large older man even with his ‘Sayonara!’ and willingness to murder people. Lastly, I did kind of hope that it was the tweaked out kid with the stammer, which would have been kind of cool, but he  gets a bit big for his britches too, and is taken out by the GCPD.

The whole thing was clever though, and I see it as a nod to the many different ways Joker has been portrayed over the years. That was cool.

But then you got that little psychotic peanut at the end, and you question your entire existence once more. What is real, Gotham? Who is the Joker? Is this going to be like Pretty Little Liars, which is on the sixth (actually fifth, but I stopped caring during the third) season of trying to figure out who the hell ‘A’ is?

Thankfully, this show doesn’t have just one mystery to hinge an entire series on, and also has enough heartbreaking substance to hold up for a long time.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Speaking of which: how DARE you harm Alfred!

It was great twist, yeah, whatever, but how DARE you!

I think this was the first episode that I was actually scared for pretty much every character involved. I know, I know, it’s silly because canonically Alfred sticks around to help his Master Bruce for a long time (hopefully), but I forget that even if it is canon, it doesn’t mean that it can’t get turned completely on its head. I mean there’s a vampire Batman comic where everyone gets killed, and there’s even one where Alfred ends up being the Joker just to give Bruce something to strive for. So you can’t always rely on the canon to stay the way it has always been, and I’ve already read on how many different directions Gotham is taking from the original stories.

Although it does look like Alfred will live, but to know that Bruce called Gordon to be the first one there with him was probably the sweetest thing I’ve seen all season, and I love that we get to see such a vulnerable Bruce before he gets harden by discipline, and what sounds like a constant throat cold.

Oh, and I wanted to trust that Reggie too, and I think he feels super guilty about what he’s done, but that is so low for Wayne Enterprises, and I cannot wait for Bruce to take over and give all of them their just desserts.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Also, how important was that Cat and Barbara scene? And I’m glad it happened. We always see Catwoman as this slinky femme fatale, who uses her sexy appearance to get what she wants, and I did really think for a second that Barbara was going to be the reason why Cat uses her beauty to her advantage. While that will probably happen in the future for Cat (and Ivy looked a little interested herself), I’m happy that she was disgusted by the whole idea. The character is still a kid; she shouldn’t use her beauty for anything.

While they didn’t scoop out their eyes, try to take down a corporation, or put on Barbara’s clothes, Butch and Penguin were very busy. I know Butch was tortured terribly by Zsasz, but besides an unsteady hand, he seems to be up to his old tricks. I do think that Penguin actually saw him as at least a partial ally in this episode, and I loved their little toast to not being sidekicks anymore. It seems like the start to a very weird, but very beautiful friendship.

Kind of like Bullock and Gordon, who finally got to spend a little time investigating together in this episode. I do love Thompson, don’t get me wrong, but Bullock and Gordon are number one in my heart.

All in all, I’m loving the direction this show is going in, and if it was so intense tonight, I don’t even want to know how terribly nervous I’ll be for the season finale.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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