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Gotham 1×13 ‘Welcome Back, Jim Gordon’: Party like Oswald Cobblepot

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That dark turn Gotham took last week? Well, it’s even darker and it’s fantastic.

Oh Jim, I know you want to save all of Gotham, and I know you were shoved in a deep corner, but you should know better. The Penguin is not to be trusted. No matter how polite or overly helpful he is, he will show his true nature immediately. Dealing with the mob in any capacity is not a real sound idea to begin with, but the Penguin is playing everyone, Jim. Even if you did save his life, and was nice enough to his mother, Penguin won’t play clean.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

I do feel bad for Jim though. The arrest was pretty awesome even if it’s now kind of questionable. He’s actually getting people on his side for once, which makes his indiscretion that much sadder. The only way to get any kind of justice in Gotham is to get the dirt in any way possible. So it sucks that the first time Jim finally gets some dirty cops punished, he had to lower himself to their level.

The city is definitely taking a toll on Jim.

It took quite a lot out of Fish too.

The woman gives no one the right to see her squirm, and I wonder how much torture she would have had to endure before we got to see that extreme veneer crack.

And what is with learning about everyone’s family tonight? First, we have poor, Leon Winkler who told us about his loving wife right before he gets an ice pick in the neck, and then we get the torturer, Bob telling Fish about his wife and his little girls right before Zsasz shoots him in the head. It’s not that I don’t feel bad about other people getting killed on the show, but when we know more about the victim’s personal life, it hits a little.

This show is just not screwing around anymore.

It’s giving us the same tough love treatment that Alfred gives Bruce.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Speaking of which, their little break up HURT, man. I know that if the show stays canonical, Cat and Bruce will always play this game of loving and hating each other, but oh my God, this was the first one! And to see how much it hurts and hardens Bruce just made it worse. Ugh, this show. I just asked for a little bit of Bruce and Cat screen time, and I get this.

Penguin’s party did make up for it though. Except for the fact that his mother was wearing Liza’s scarf the entire time, reminding us just how Penguin got the club to begin with. He’s such a little freak though. I’m enjoying his character too much.

My favorite part of the episode though, involved onions being surgically removed from take-out. Oh, Nygma, you are way too cute, and Ms. Kringle coming around a little was really sweet. I was happy for about a minute and then I remembered what he turns into for the umpteenth time, and got sad all over again.

All in all, the episode went up and down like a mother effer, and that last scene between Bullock and Fish exemplified the bittersweet attitude which ran throughout it. This show is really getting deep. I love it.

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