Go On 1×03 ‘There’s No Ryan in Team’: DED WYF is taken

Go On - Season 1

I don’t have much to say about this week’s new episode, and that could be good or bad. It’s good, because I still like it better than The New Normal, for which I have a ton of criticisms, but also bad because I feel like this show is running out of steam. I liked the overall theme of ‘outpouring’ this week, with the unwanted emotional spectacle on Miguel and Steven’s behalf, then Ryan’s appreciation when the group comes through for him, followed by everyone else. However, we didn’t get to know any more characters very intimately.

I guess you could say that this episode focused on Steven heavily, but we didn’t learn anything new about him. I could honestly do with a lot less of his character because he’s so much less funny than anyone in the group. That’s not to say John Cho isn’t funny, but he’s R-rated movie funny, which higher thinking individuals (also known as TV critics) don’t find hilarious. While I expected him to follow Ryan to the bowling alley, I’m glad they excluded him from that scene.

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Other than that, there wasn’t much else to this episode. I laughed when George was the only one dressed up for basketball and wasn’t at all offended by Miguel’s fountain and Fausta‘s outbursts (I’m half Mexican), which was good because I can be offended by a ton of things. Ryan’s use of Mr. K’s ‘boop-boop’ strategy and the vanity license plate conversation were cute too, I guess. I’m probably ready for Ryan to start dating, even though it still feels too soon. I just crave something more from this show. I want to be more excited about Go On because NBC usually does comedy so well (with the exception of it‘s other failed pilots this season), but sadly, it comes in third behind The Mindy Project and Ben & Kate.

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