Go On 1×02 ‘He Got Game, She Got Cats’: What’s your name again?

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Maybe I’m just borderline deaf, but there are way too many lines in this episode that sound like something completely different.

  1. When Ryan says, “K-BAL,” it sounds like “Gay ball.”
  2. When Steven says, “What up, blood. Love your crib,” it sounds like “What up, blood. Love your crip.” John Cho’s voice does resemble that of a black man when you close your eyes though.
  3. When Ryan calls Carrie his “Vice Janie,” it sounds like “Vice Cheney.”

Another thing I hate about new shows, and maybe it’s just my poor hearing, is when they don’t mention character names enough. That’s when I end up referring to characters as “Lady That Doesn’t Speak English Well” (Fausta), “Crazy Beard Guy” (Mr. K), and “The Suck Up” (Yolanda). Thank you, IMDb. I get it, this show has a huge cast, but I’ll only cut them slack for a few more episodes.

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Regarding this episode and the pilot, I’m beginning to see a recurring theme. In each, Ryan takes over the group and wreaks a substantial amount of havoc before ultimately understanding that Lauren’s methods are better, though much less fun. I hope we get to know each character in Ryan’s group more with each episode, just like the pilot focused on Owen and this week’s episode highlighted George’s problems and Sonia’s brand of crazy. I seriously think she needs to get a real shrink, though Lauren makes house calls. However, her nose has to be broken if she didn’t smell the stench of twenty cats in Sonia’s apartment. In my opinion, one piece of comedy that slipped through the cracks this week was a list of names for all those felines. Don’t you think she and Mr. K would make a hilarious couple too? Why didn’t Ryan just give all the cats to him?

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Speaking of relationships, I’d also like to see more of the seven-toed group cat, as well as Yolanda dating someone and dealing with her aversions (“They keep rubbing against me. It’s too sexual”). If and when that happens, it could be Ryclef Jean, though I think we’re all rooting for him to get with Lauren when he heals a bit more. Additionally, I think Carrie’s blow-up at Ryan should have been much bigger. Does anyone else think she looks like Sarah Ramos? I think I was just really excited about watching the season premiere of Parenthood when I saw this episode.

What did you think of this week’s Go On? Do you think this show will make it?


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