Glee 6×07 ‘Transitioning’: Returning.


Finally! Glee delivers my favourite episode of season six so far with an episode overseeing a lot of transitions from genders, home, jobs and relationships. I feel as if they got it right this week and its made me really happy!Coach Beiste returns and is welcomed by Sam and Sue and he seems happier than ever. All is when until the ignorant idiots at Carmel decide to trash his car and vandalise it with ‘tranny’ facepalm. Beiste doesn’t rise to it and explains to Sam/Spencer that they aren’t worth it – you go Sheldon!

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Speaking of Carmel and Vocal Adrenaline; Will has had enough of his choir’s behaviour and attitude and after a row with the ‘head boy’ Clint, Will kicks him off the team. Will is finding it hard balancing financial needs with moral consciousness and my little fave Emma reminds him that his happiness and enjoyment in his job is far more important than earning bucket loads of money!

Back at Mckinley Rachel is distraught as her house has finally been sold and her friends all decide to throw her one final basement party – yay! They all take it in turn to sing duets and Mercedes and Roderick slay Trainor’s All About that Base and Blaine and Kurt heat things up with Somebody Loves You by Betty Who – shortly followed by a kiss…uh-oh.

Amidst all of the shenanigans Rachel and Sam slip upstairs…to talk about Rachel’s memory wall and how she isn’t ready to take it down and destroy it. Wise Sam explains that she can just build a bigger wall somewhere else and with the help of all her friends she finally manages to find it within herself to take her memories down with a nice little sad flashback montage that may have induced a few tears!

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Unique returns and she tells Sheldon that he isn’t alone and will the help of Will she manages to get a choir made up of trans people to sing to Sheldon and it was the best thing ever! It felt so warm and very early Glee and I was just watching with a nice big smile on my face. Will tricked his choir club into watching the whole thing just to show them what true camaraderie is like and then he quit!

Yes this means that he’ll be assisting Kurt and Rachel with the New Directions and I wonder who will take over Vocal Adrenaline? What were your thoughts?

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