Glee 6×06 ‘What The World Needs Now’: New beginnings.


Each week Glee comes with more and more ridiculous storylines and I’m never quite sure whether it’s due to the cut in budget, lack of viewings or an inside writer’s joke. Whatever the case is, Glee keeps delivering bizarre plots that echo the craziness of season one glee but without the originality.

In this episode we discover that Brittany’s father is actually Stephen Hawking and her mother (Stifler’s mom) had a British romp with him in the toilets in England – that explains the genius brainwaves then. Brittany also tries her hardest to get Santana’s Abeula to come to the wedding by pretending to be her nurse and getting close to her. Throughout the whole episode Brittany and Abeula got close and kept speaking about Brittany’s fiancé and then towards the end Brittany invited her to the auditorium and Santana sung Cilla Black’s ‘Alfie’, much to her grandmother’s dismay.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Brit optimistically thought that maybe Abuela would come around but its obviously easier said than done to change somebody’s opinion of something that they’ve been taught is wrong. Brittany, however, bit back once she realised that Abuela wouldn’t change her thoughts on the issue despite their efforts and explained that sooner or later ‘her kind’ would die out and they need to just be happy and learn/accept that same sex relationships are just as ‘normal’ as heterosexual ones! You go Brit.

Episode six also sees the return of a Miss Mercedes Jones as she comes back to presumable coach the new glee kids however she has different motives for her return. Her first plan of action is to clear the air with Sam and herself explaining that Sam should give Rachel a chance and that Sam and Mercedes are clearly in the friend zone! Mercedes also explains to Rachel that she belongs on Broadway and in New York and that she’s got her an audition.

At first Rachel is reluctant but after some help from the alumni as well as the new kids (new props) she decides to go to her audition and I think she slays it?! I love this side of Rachel, the vulnerable side! It reminds me so much of earlier seasons and how she’s always been a passionate student (as well as sometimes a bitch) but all she’s ever wanted is to be respected and do what she loves and is good at! You go Berry!

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Finally we learn that Rachel and Sam might have a thing after they both start to get their low-key flirt on! Surprisingly I’m not as opposed to the idea as I thought I would be and I’m interested to see how it pans out to be honest – however we only have 6/7 episodes left? Please please please start utilising the new people more! I get that it’s the last season and its more or less about tying up the loose ends but I also think they should give them some screen time just so its less awkward and they have some reason to be there!

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