Glee 6×05 ‘The Hurt Locker Part Two’: The Purge


I love how ‘meta’ glee is nowadays. Season 6 of glee is definitely embracing it’s ridiculousness and you can’t really take it too seriously else you won’t enjoy it. This week picks up right from where it picked off last week – invitationals.

Sue begins by throwing yet another spanner in the works by applying her own rules to the invitationals. They songs have to coincide with the theme of ‘old school’ and you need the right amount of people and last but not least; Sue will judge the winner. Remember how invitationals weren’t about having a winner?


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Rachel is on the lookout for more people to join – specifically kitty! As expected Kitty gave Rachel a mouthful as to why she doesn’t want to come back, especially because she was left in the lurch when the glee club was cut. Rachel promises to always stick by it and she will never leave until the glee club is permanent. Yaay new friendship.

Sue tries to hypnotize Sam to give Rachel a really bad set list. Thankfully this fails as Rachel manages to snap him out of it and he promises to help her gain another member whilst her and kitty work on attaining a good set list from Sue’s personal collection of emotional songs that mean something to her.

We all guessed it – Sam has a chat with Spencer and explains how he needs to take a lead and decide who he wants to be and stick by it. Spencer has worked all his life to portray a strong sense of masculinity despite his sexual orientation and he feels that joining the glee club will damage his caricatured ‘image’. In a Mr Schue manner, Sam reminds Spencer that times have changed and he understands the difficulties of high school but he can’t let that stop him – and then he links back to Finn (cue Goosebumps and/or tears).


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Sue is up to some new tricks as she installs a faux lift to trick Blaine and Kurt to be enclosed in close proximity. Of course the faux lift ‘breaks down’ and the two are forced to spend some time together in order to rekindle the flame that is known as Klaine. Thanks to some intertextuality – Sue sets up a ‘saw’ like game in which the must share a passionate exchange in order to be released. After a picnic, some sexual inducement gas and a lack air try decide to kiss for Sue and they both share a ‘moment’ that will evidentially cause them to get back together.

While all that was happening the Warblers sang their usual acapella set list with some flips and a lot of leg movements as they performed My Sharona and You Spin Me Right Round by ‘The Knack’ and ‘Dead or Alive’. As usual they were good but I miss Grant Gustin.

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Source: Fox

Finally it’s new directions turn to perform and Kitty kicks things off with It Must Have Been Love by ‘Roxanne’ with spencer which leaves Sue feeling a strange sense of emotional attachment. Then Roderick slays George Michael’s Father Figure with his beautiful beautiful voice (I’d like more Roderick) and then the twins lead the final All Out of Love by Air Supply and we finally hear Madison’s voice! The performance was very early season glee and I loved it and so did Sue as it reduced her to tears and crowning the new directions as the winners!

Finally Sue is left happier and explains to Will that she feels purged but warns will never to litter her school ever again! The glee club are left feeling hopeful and j hope they start bringing back the other ex-glee club seniors to join kitty in the battle for nationals!

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