Glee 6×04 ‘The Hurt Locker Part One’: All because of a fork.


This week on Glee Sue flips her lid after Will left his unused fork on the table after having dinner – shock horror. Sue goes down one of her random soliloquy in which she ends up revealing a secret lair, also known as the ‘hurt locker’. It’s practically a store garage full of voodoo dolls and other signifiers for her hatred for the glee club alumni. The best thing of all, hidden behind a secret wall, is Sue’s Klaine shrine – yes she’s a Klaine shipper. 

It’s operation ‘destroy glee club’ (again) and Sue sets up invitationals for the Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline so that the New Directions are put off and become anxious for their impeding competition. Sue also inflicts (unnecessary) havoc upon her school whilst singing Meredith Brooks’ ‘Bitch’. Also on Sue’s agenda is operation get Klaine back together and ‘destroy Rachel Berry’.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Sue somehow manages to hypnotise Sam so that when he hears the words ‘piano’ or ‘flatbed truck’ he falls in love with Rachel Berry – however should they kiss he will loose his memory which would majorly mess up poor Rachel for obvious reasons. After a date at breadsticks Sam and Rachel decide to get into things that interest them and it just so happens that they both want to learn the piano! Blaine comes in to give the two lessons and within no time Samchel is in full force and they’re getting their flirt on singing ‘A Thousand Miles’ made famous by White Chicks. Whilst I liked the song I’m not entirely sold on yet another incestuous in-group relationship between Sam and Rachel. On some levels it kind of makes sense but then on so many other levels it doesn’t. Unfortunately after Rachel let her walls down and went in for the kiss, Sam lost his memory and told Rachel that he still has feelings for Mercedes as he’s forgotten about all the time he’s been spending with poor Rachel.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

If that wasn’t bad enough, Blaine said he wasn’t going to go easy in the invitationals despite Kurt and Rachel’s pleas. At first Will agreed to go easy on Rachel and made up a brand new set list so that Vocal Adrenaline wouldn’t scare the four newbies as much. However thanks to a random drone of Sue’s casually roaming around Sue caught wind of this and complained to Carmel. If that wasn’t enough Sue also got Sam to steal Will’s utility bills and blame it on sabotage from Rachel. With all this on his head Will decides to go all out in his invitationals with two weirdly brilliant performances of ‘Whip It’ and ‘Rock Lobster’.

In other news Sue tries to tell Kurt to go get Blaine back and because of his reluctance Sue takes matters into her own hands. She decides to invite all of Korofsky’s past partners in an attempt to freak Blaine out. Blaine is actually freaked and confides in Kurt and then he finds out that Kurt is going to go on a date. It just so happens though that Kurt’s date is a middle aged man – however Kurt being Kurt decides to just take things slow and start off as just friends.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

This episode was definitely a weak one and I hope it picks up fast – especially with such a short season. I didn’t really appreciate the weird Sue moments and I feel like at times it was too contrived and heavily unnecessary. I would also like more of the newbies as I feel like they’re wasted just like the other newbies. In terms of group size I think that maybe Kurt and Rachel should recruit the members who were kicked out of the school because then I think they’ll have enough to compete.

What are your thoughts/opinions?

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