Glee 6×03 ‘Jagged Little Tapestry’: Honesty is the best policy.


This week Glee returns to its favourite trope of all – the mash-up.  The theme of this week for the glee club was to understand how to mash up two things that don’t usually go together. However, the universal episode for the whole episode was being honest with both yourself and others!

The episode kicks off with some more Klaine and a side order of Karofsky. Kurt and Blaine wander around the sheet music shop, Lima café and other places singing a duet of ‘It’s Too Late’ by Carol King. The Klaine story is getting tiresome and overdone now – I have a feeling that by the end Blaine and Kurt will end up together happily ever after and then poor Karofsky is just going to be left on the side. I’m glad that they’ve given Klaine a struggle but I think the writers need to just leave it for a bit because it is going to be boring watching Kurt try to win back the man who he decided to leave. (Sorry Klaine shippers)

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Source: Fox

Moving on the two people who stole the episode for me – Brittany and Santana. You all know I have a soft spot for Santana despite her unnecessarily bitchy ways! I felt like this episode Britanna has had the most perfect scenes and both Naya and Heather’s chemistry worked perfectly. Their relationship is believable and has much more depth to it than others on the show (Klaine). The simple bedroom scene was one of my favourite scenes between the two over the entire show – it seemed really natural and it showed why Santana and Brittany work so well – they’re honest and they’re themselves with each other.

This brings me to the beautiful proposal and speech (yes Santana proposed). After singing ‘Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move’ Santana sits Brittany down and proclaims her love in front of everyone in the choir room. Unfortunately a bitter Kurt ruins the moment and he later finds himself at the wrath of Santana. Although her verbal smack down was executed perfectly and seamlessly (I’d love to see the bloopers) it was very upsetting watching Kurt’s face as he was on the receiving end. But Glee being Glee this is the way that they’re nice to each other and it seems as if it was just what Kurt needed because he later apologizes to Brittany and explains that he’s just scared to admit that he and Blaine are over – to which Brittany replied with a weird analogy of a chocolate bar.

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Source: Fox

Becky Jackson is back and she’s got a boyfriend – a boyfriend who she’s been lying to about being the president of every club. Sue and everybody else is excited to meet this mystery man until they discover that he hasn’t got down syndrome himself (I think that’s what they were expecting). From the initial meeting they doubted his motives and it was a nice story showing Becky’s own friends weren’t accepting of the relationship because they found it against the norm themselves. Darryl (Becky’s beau) is one of the only people to treat Becky ‘normally’ regardless of her being down syndrome! You go Darryl.

Finally Coach Beiste reveals to Sue that she’s got cancer, only to then admit to Sam and Sue that he suffers from Gender Dysphoria – a condition where the person experiences discomfort and a mismatch between their biological sex to their gender identity. Beiste admits to feeling like he doesn’t belong in the body that he was born in and is going to go through the transition to align his body with his identity. Whilst I understand the story and the need for it to be included in shows that reach wide audiences – I feel as if this decision goes against everything that Coach Beiste has argues for before. Coach Beiste has always argued the fact that beneath her masculinity she is still a woman with feelings and she’s proud of that. Maybe he was in denial and unaware of his identity discomfort at the time, I just feel like it feels a little forced for the certain character. I hope Ryan Murphy does the story justice and doesn’t mess up with it by throwing in a thousand triggering slurs!

That’s episode three all wrapped up, only ten episodes left! I hope that they find a way to wrap everybody’s stories up nicely without rushing because they’ve been focusing on Klaine. I hope that the new people get some screen time and a little bit of story because without them there’s no competition – which I don’t know how they’re going to enter with such a small number of people.

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Source: Fox

Let me know how you think the season is going and how you feel about the story arcs so far…

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