Glee 5×17 ‘The Back-Up Plan’: The show must go on…


This week on Glee is all about potential changes – Rachel is considering changes to her career even though it’s just begun. Blaine meets socialite June Dolloway (Shirley McLaine) and she suggests a change in relation ship status whilst Mercedes is looking for a change for the better in regards to her album!

Rachel is Broadway’s new star and her newfound fame is unfortunately feeding her already increasing ego. Night after night Rachel delivers which brings her in a lot of admiration and attention from many people – some of which are the likes of Fox execs. Although Rachel has been told she’s got a ‘face for radio’ she thankfully gets over that and pursues her newly found dream of film/TV as she’s invited to an audition in LA.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Through a slowed down arty performance of ‘Wake Me Up’ we are able to see how the repetitiveness of ‘Funny Girl’ is getting to Rachel and making her realise that maybe it’s not exactly for her. At first I was like oh my god Rachel you’ve moaned about doing this and now you’re finally doing it you’re moaning again – but then after I thought about it I realized that that’s life! Sometimes once you’ve made it where you want to be you realize that it’s not enough or it’s not for you. Whilst I think Rachel is fantastic for Broadway and she obviously has tonnes of passion for it, I feel as if Rachel being young and ambitious wants a lot more out of life and her career.

After much consideration and a warning from Kurt, Rachel decides to pull a sicky in order to go to LA audition for the TV show. Rachel goes in all guns a blazing as performs a fantastic rendition of Bette Midler’s ‘The Rose’. Awkwardly she’s told there’s no need for her to sing but instead read lines with the lead actor played by Nathan Keyes. The audition doesn’t go that well especially with an awkward on-screen kiss – the first kiss Rachel’s had since Finn cue tears.

After realizing the mistake she’s made by jeopardizing and the fact her understudy has fallen of the stage she attempts to get back to NY for the evening performance. Obviously this is impossible – especially with LA traffic. After being informed by Rachel of her predicament, Kurt panics and rushes to find Mercedes and Santana for support. Shockingly [not for me] Santana decides to prove to everyone how she can be a good friend and steps in as the understudy to perform for Rachel, as she can’t make it back. Thankfully it all runs smoothly and Rachel thanks Santana by making her pasta and telling her that she’s a good friend – I hope this is true of their off-screen relationship as well and I really hope that Santana [Naya] hasn’t been fired!

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Whilst we’re on the topic of Santana being a good friend – she has decided to help Mercedes out with giving her album more of a New York feel. Mercedes suggest they sing together because magic happens and that’s exactly what does happen once Santana suggests they get out of the ‘fish tank’ of a recording studio to sing some songs. We are treated to a bit of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ and it was perfect – I wish they sang more often together and I wish they did more songs like that! After singing her duet with Santana, Mercedes realizes that she needs a duet for her album although her producer doesn’t think so and wants somebody more famous with Santana as back up. Obviously hurt by Mercedes’ producers words Santana agrees and says she doesn’t want to ruin Mercedes’ chances of making it! Mercedes finally takes charge of her career and persuades her manager to let the duet happen and all Santana has to do is a sign at the dotted line!!

Meanwhile over in Klaine land – Kurt has landed a spot singing for the socialite that is June Holloway as NYADA is naming one of their dance studios after her. Kurt being Kurt he invites Blaine to sing with him for June and he decides to sing a bit of One Direction! Kurt fills in Blaine who is unaware of who this woman is, and then both of them take center stage and serenade June with a rendition of ‘Story of My Life’. Although it wasn’t as good as 1D I still enjoyed it.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Throughout the performance you see June eyeing one of them up and of course it’s going to be Blaine. I know it isn’t Darren’s fault perse but the writers of Glee are making me dislike Blaine because everything just happens to fall his way. I would’ve liked for Kurt to be selected by June to be her protégé. With that being said – June wishes to take Blaine under her wing and help him blossom his career. However after a duet of ‘Piece of My Heart’ she tells him that he needs to ditch Kurt for the sake of his career. Although I’m not a strong Klaine shipper at this moment of time – I wanted Blaine to walk away there and then but no! Blaine and June continue to meet despite the distance it’s causing between Kurt and himself.

Back in the world of Broadway Rachel is yelled out by the producer and is called a ‘irresponsible’ little girl. Although she made a mistake I felt as if he was really harsh on her – whilst one part of me agrees with him and the way he dealt with Rachel’s deceit another part of me disagrees with his attitude towards her ambitious career decision – besides what did he expect hiring a 20-year-old? After her meeting with the producer of Funny Girl she receives a phone call from the Fox exec telling her she didn’t land the role for the TV show but they want to cast her in an entirely new show made around her, meaning she can even stay in New York!

I wonder where she’ll end up – thanks for reading and feel free to comment!


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