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So here it is, the big day Rachel’s been anxiously working towards, her opening night of the smash hit Funny Girl. The episode welcomes back some of the olden goldies like Miss Tina Cohen Chang as well as my favorite Santana Lopez. The whole episode I was constantly on edge waiting for something bad to happen because that’s what I felt the episode was building itself up for.

Let’s take you back to the beginning with Rachel’s bizarre dream in which she sings ‘Lovefool’ whilst being catapulted by her own insecurities. I don’t know why Kerofsky makes an appearance but he does – maybe he represents one of bullies that loitered high school. We’ve got loveable Becky shouting and season one Tina back with her dyed hair. It was very weird and I wanted it to end!

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Back in reality, or as in as much reality as we can expect from Glee, Rachel is stressing over certain review comments on online forums. In aid of his best friend Kurt tells Rachel she needs to go unplugged away from the Internet, away from the bitchy hate. She needs to surround herself with positive vibes. It’s all going fine until Tina comes and talks about the online hate that she’s infuriated by. Whilst it is hilarious watching Tina dig a whole deeper for herself, I felt for Rachel. I felt as if Rachel represented them all in this episode – coming from school with big dreams, constantly being told that they cant do it but now it’s on a larger scale. Rachel is about to do it but she’s frightened of the usual high school backlash of failure and a lack of acceptance.

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Source: Fox

Before you think it couldn’t get any worse, as said by Tina – Sue Sylvester strides on through the door. Sue came to NYC with Will as he had a spare ticket because of Emma being heavily pregnant. She decided that double bed isn’t right for her and will and invited herself to the flat, which for some reason everyone knows the location of it. I’ll come back to Sue and her weird love story after!

One by one each of Rachel’s friends try to make her feel better and get out of bed – they all fail miserably. Normally Rachel’s diva attitude would annoy and the centrality of her character would to this extent bother me but for some reason this episode it was okay. Just when you think all help is lost – Santana Lopez pulls up in a yellow taxi and shampoo adverts her hair before a pigeon attacks her. Entrance aside, Santana demands 4 minutes with the sulking star and of course she succeeds into getting her out. Although Santana told Rachel how much she dislikes her she also told her that like herself she doesn’t do things in half measures – and much like Rachel, Barbara felt the wrath of harsh critics. 10 points Santana and welcome back – I’ve missed you.

So it’s opening night and everybody keeps saying to Rachel break a leg – which I know is normal but I felt like Glee was foreshadowing something. Then after some handy camera work Rachel makes her way down a lot of stairs towards the stage and I kept thinking oh God she’s going to fall she’s going to break a leg. Thankfully she didn’t. Mr. Schue had to leave before her opening act because his little baby was on his way!!! Perfect timing!

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Source: Fox

Rachel gets through the first act with applause after her cover of ‘I’m The Greatest Star’ as she owns the stage in all the glory that is Rachel Berry. Halfway through Sue leaves and steps over the NY Times critic which causes a rage to burn within Rachel and you can see it in her eyes and that’s what I think helped her overcome some nerves at the beginning. To make matter worse the producer comes back stage and tells Rachel that it’s all about the second half and the whole show resides on her performance of “Who Are You Now”.

As Rachel said earlier in the episode, this song reminds her of Finn so of course it was going to be emotional. Rachel slayed it with emotional and delivery! We even had a nice little video cut to Finn in the halls of McKinley representing a figure of drive, reason and passion to succeed. Sue also lends a hand in the singing but she’s in a restaurant with her newly found lover.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

After the show the producer invites them to a cast party but Rachel wants to spend the time with her friends only without the discussion of the review so Blaine suggests a place where everyone loves Rachel – a New York gay bar! I loved this scene – it was like Glee all grown up, dancing the night away into the early hours of the morning! Let’s hope that place becomes a scene regular – or at least night life of NYC is returned to at some point.

They all stumble back into the apartment with time to spare before the release of the review to find Sue and her new man in dressing gowns post sex. Santana is about to step in and tackle down Sue when she began to insult Rachel but Rachel told Santana she’s got this. Finally, Rachel gracefully yet passionate sticks up for herself and everyone else in that room [minus Sue’s beau] and explains that Sue’s hate towards them isn’t to push them to be better people but to make herself feel better for she will never experience love or any form of happiness. Well said Rachel, well said! Kurt starts the applause and they all follow suit. Whilst I think maybe it was a bit harsh on Sue to go that deep – somebody needed to say it and hopefully it alludes to a possible love interest for her? Who knows?

The review is out – they all read how much the critic loved Rachel – for she is a supernova! Well done Rachel, you finally did it! I wonder what will happen now in terms of her career – will it blossom or will something happen that brings it to an end and her groveling back to NYADA? Who knows…

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