Glee 5×15 ‘Bash’: “Real” adults in NYC

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Glee this week was jam-packed with a lot of heavy storylines that range from ‘gay bashing’, interracial relationships and college dropout etiquette. I still don’t know how I feel about the transition to 24/7 NYC – I am definitely edging towards liking it, but because it feels like a slightly different show, it’ll take some getting used to it.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

The episode kicked off with the new NYC crew serenading a neighbour that had fallen victim to ‘gay bashing’. I think a major theme that Ryan Murphy is trying to include now, is that the ‘outside’ world isn’t as safe as the choir room. They all sang, “No One is Alone” from Into the Woods and it was really touching – at first I thought the neighbour had passed away but thankfully he was just injured.

Although most of them were touched and shaken by the incident Rachel didn’t seem as fazed as she should’ve been. This is probably because of her busy Funny Girl schedule and the fact that she isn’t acting at all like herself. Rachel makes it seem like she’s got everything under control in terms of rehearsing and managing NYADA responsibilities. However her mid-winter critique performance highlights the issues her Broadway career is having on her college life. Rachel and Blaine sing a fantastic duet from the musical Follies; with Sondheim being the theme for their winter exams. Stern Carmen Tibideaux is not happy with this as she set the task as a solo performance and offers them a chance for another chance. This doesn’t fit well into Rachel’s schedule.

Rachel being the diva that she is decides to grab life by the balls! In doing so she stupidly decides that college isn’t for her and after asking Madame Tibideaux if she can reschedule her second attempt and after it is still a no she attempts to out sass Tibideaux and leaves with her head held high and her priorities supposedly in place. I’m not a fan of this move because I feel like Rachel would never do this especially after her efforts to get into this school! However, I see some benefits of the storyline as it highlights problems that some students face when the genuinely believe that college isn’t for them – I still feel like college is for Rachel though!

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Rachel does what she does best and invites Kurt to a meal to talk through [tell] Kurt about her so called courageous and bold move. Kurt like the majority of viewers tells her that she should re-think her decision to leave and that Broadway is a slippery workplace. If Rachel didn’t have her head up in the clouds she would’ve semi-listened but instead she snapped at Kurt and it is people like him who need the safe walls of college – always unafraid to take chances. [Excuse my paraphrasing]

With that being said Rachel storms out and Kurt make his way home when he walks past a dark alley loitered with ignorant thugs beating the crap out of somebody on the grounds of their sexual orientation. Kurt rushes over to try help this man and manages to push one of the thugs off him. The man who was being beaten flees from the scene leaving Kurt alone with the aggressive thugs. Sadly, Kurt is attacked and therefore hospitalized cue open mouths/tears/shock!

One by one all of his friends are called to the hospital and they walk into the room to see a battered and bruised friend lying helplessly in bed. Blaine comforts Kurt with Sweeny Todd’s “Not While I’m Around” as it crosses backwards and forwards to his mid-winter critique second attempt. Then we are blessed with the legend that is Burt – everybody’s favorite TV dad. Of course Kurt and his father deliver a heart wrenching scene as Kurt explains that he finally feels like his son because internally as well as externally he feels like a man! Oh and he’s really excited for a scar!

Finally we are graced with a solo from Kurt. For his mid-winter critique Kurt sings “I’m Still Here” and it was perfect! I didn’t realize this until recently but Kurt’s voice is probably one of my favorites from Glee. His performance was a middle finger to ever person that has attacked him either physically or emotionaly! You go Kurt!

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Whilst all this was going we had a co-plot concerning Samcedes! Glee decides it’s time to re-kindle this couple and actually explore their potential on screen rather than off screen like before! Throughout the episode Mercedes doesn’t know if her and Sam are suitable as a couple despite their apparent on screen chemistry! Then her back-up singers come along and throw in the race card saying that black women in the industry shouldn’t be dating a white man! Woah – I deffo didn’t expect that but sadly this stuff still exists in todays society. Thankfully Mercedes realizes that her friends were wrong and she decides to start seeing Sam but wants to take it slow! I think I can get on board with this pairing as long as it’s developed properly. Mercedes also serenades Sam with her very own song “Colorblind” which I absolutely love!

Next week more Artie please! [by the look of the promo I think we will have some]

Thanks for reading, let me know any thoughts/opinions.


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