Glee 5×13 ‘New Directions’: Don’t stop believin’


Five seasons later and Glee Club has finally been cancelled. Despite Holly and April’s attempts, Sue explains that there is nothing she can do and it really is the end. Will has digested this fact and he just wants to enjoy his last week with the New Directions, old and new!

New York seems to be the hot topic of conversation and it seems to be where all the cool kids are going! Tina envisions a Friends re-enactment but unfortunately that was all in her head. Sam, Blaine and Artie are all heading to New York and they’ve convinced Tina to join them, as she hasn’t been offered a place from Browne University yet! They all get together and sing a soothing acoustic version of “Loser Like Me”. Meanwhile, Mercedes and Kurt sing a perfect rendition of “I Am Changing” from Dream Girls in hope of making Santana and Rachel feel some nostalgia and make up. I wish Mercedes and Kurt did more duets because I thought they sounded brilliant together.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Cut to typical bathroom scene and Rachel enters with the intention of making amends with Santana and even offers her ten nights of being Fanny. However, Santana being Santana decides she wants it all or nothing and cuts Rachel’s olive branch in two. I really thought they were going to make up but right now it doesn’t look like it. That is until a lesbian genius called Brittany intervenes and invites Santana into the choir room filled with the lesbian flowers that are Lilies. Britt explains that broadway isn’t what Santana wants and she’s only hiding behind it because she’s scared to go for what she really wants. And with that Santana has melted and is offered a trip to Lesbo [Lesbos] in which Britt thinks is a lesbian island.

With that being said, Santana goes to Rachel and explains that she’s dropping out and now I’m assuming they can go back to being friends and duo that I love to see in NY. To top things off they sing a duet that gets everybody in the choir room moving! Quinn and Puck get the New Direction’s moving – but in a different way. After singing “Just Give Me A Reason” they express their love for one another and agree to start dating! Finally!!!!! Throughout that performance all the past episode surged through my mind and as Mr. Schue states it has taken a full circle – and on that note, the last song to be performed in the choir room.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

This episode was leaking with nostalgia as we saw everyone back at school. It probably would’ve been sadder if I knew it was the end but I know it isn’t so it was more digestible. The juniors do get a tiny scene in which they all vow to still speak to each other in the hallway and I think it’s going to be Kitty and Unique that I will miss the most. I hope we see more of Kitty though when she comes to visit Artie and she should bring Unique along with her.

It’s time to graduate and one by one all the seniors are called onto the auditorium’s stage to accept their certificates. Santana also pulled a few strings so Britt could graduate as well as she missed it before when she had to leave early for MIT. During graduation Tina shared some good news that she’s been accepted to Browne which means sadly there won’t be any more Tina!

With graduation over Will was mysteriously invited to the auditorium in which a video montage of all his students, past and present, left messages for his unborn child. One by one they all confessed their love and admiration for this father’s child and how he has affected all of their lives for the better. Finally Rachel states that he will be forever tattooed in their hearts. Then cue the silhouette of Rachel and the melody of “Don’t Stop Believing”. Rachel enters centre stage and sings their first ever song performed – followed by the original New Directions with the excveption of Finn. I don’t know about you but I was tearing up at this point. I felt like it was a Series Finale even though it wasn’t. One by one they all came out on stage to perform the song that defined them as a Glee Club. Will even joined them to enjoy his last dance – with April and Holly secretly enjoying the spectacle.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

All is said and done apart from Will’s final goodbye to the empty choir room. Sue who has a lot of good things to say about him for once greets him with admiration. They share a final toast to the phenomena that was Glee Club and Sue suggests that he leads Vocal Adrenaline and she has already landed him an interview. With a final dance move and a bow – Will leaves… the end.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this episode – thanks for reading.


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