Glee 5×11 ‘City of Angels’: Game over.


Glee takes nationals to L.A and with it they carry a tribute for Finn deep within their hearts. There is a lot of things riding on the New Directions’ win at nationals so it’s going to be a bumpy ride – as per usual.

The episode kicks off with a pep talk from Finn’s parents – they explain that Finn is still apart of everything they do and if he were here he would famously say “the show must go all over the place”. It was nice to have another tribute to Finn because it highlights that grievance never ends – you just kind of cope and different moment will elicit different feelings at different levels. From the transition from the choir room to L.A the Glee club sing “I Love L.A” whilst doing very touristy things and looking fab on top of the bus.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Before they let for L.A, Will explains to Sam that he should step up and be the leader that Finn was and I think Sam took this in and tried to force the role rather than naturally fall into it. With that being said Sam delivered a fair few good pep talks and stood up to Captain Sass Sean Baptiste (Skylar Astin) who was the leader of the opposition ‘Throat Explosion’.

Mercedes pays them a visit and explains how her career is on the up thanks to Kanye’s housekeeper giving a CD to Kanye who gave it Kim who gave it to Ryan who then gave it to Sony. Finn’s parents also came for support after deciding to leave because Carol couldn’t cope with being around Finn’s friends as a constant reminder. She was glad she came back though because the New Directions say all of Finn’s favourite songs “More Than A Feeling”, “America” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” whilst switching in and out of a Finn video montage. At the end Sam held up Finn’s drumsticks and it was very emotional.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

The episode takes a turn for a worst when the New Directions hear that they’ve come second and therefore loose the title of National Champions. It was quite sad to watch but I also liked the realism of it and it brought back the ethos from the first two seasons in which they wouldn’t always be successful but they’d always pick themselves up. However in terms of the show moving to NY next season maybe the writers will do this by completely writing out the Glee Club and everybody going their separate ways in school.

This resonates through Sue’s and Will’s semi-compassionate discussion in which she explains that her hands are tied and she has to cut the Glee Club for the sake of the school. A defeated Will doesn’t even try to fight for his cause because he knows it’s a loosing battle especially because Sue is sad about it herself. I’m glad Sue wasn’t overly bitchy in this scene because her compassion made the scene that much powerful. Will Glee Club be removed? Or will they fight for it somehow? Maybe it ties in with the 100th episode with everyone coming back?

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

In this episode I’m glad the newer members like Marley, Ryan and Jake got a bit of story! They’ve finally made up and Ryan and Jake help Marley understand that her songs are good regardless of how many people tell her otherwise. Mercedes gives Marley a much-needed pep talk and this highlights the direction that Marley might go in post Glee club. I’m also quite disappointed that they don’t utilize Wade/Unique more – especially in performances and I love love love Kitty’s voice I want her to have more songs. It was nice, however, to hear Tina sing a lot more.

Even though it was for two minutes the energy that Rachel, Kurt and Santana bring to the show is unreal. In the very short scene that they had right at the end of the episode I had this fuzzy feeling like I’ve seen some friends who I haven’t seen since school – yes I may be weirdly attached to them three but I don’t care.

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I hope you’re all excited for next weeks ep!

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