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Fresh Off the Boat 4×10 ‘The Best of Orlando’: Trending jeans


How many of us have imagined winning a big award, and our thank you speeches? I do this every other day in the shower, but it was a reality for Louis on Fresh Off the Boat. It’s a lot of pressure not to forget anyone, and of course he goes and forgets the one person that should’ve been first out of his mouth and has to spend a lot of time trying to make things right. While he blows it, his kids took on the fashion game.

After Louis wins a big fancy businessman award, he forgets to thank Jessica. It may not have been that big a deal if she hadn’t bragged about the award to almost everyone under the sun she’s ever come into contact with – including a neighbor none of us really like, and her sister. Would I have been that mad? I would love to sit and say no – but I am still giving my mom hell for texting my boyfriend, “Happy new year, love mom” and then sending me a simple “happy new year.” Where was my “love mom?” As the middle child, that crap can get to you – so yes, I feel Jessica’s pain.


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While Louis was trying everything to fix that ordeal, Eddie and Emery were working with their grandma on a fashion business venture. Remember those pants back in the ‘90s that were TOO BIG? JNCO Jeans, raver pants, and all that jazz…I definitely had at least one pair and looking back, I should send my mom $50 for making her waste money on those, but she did leave out a sentiment in her New Year text…so maybe not. Anyways, after the boys realize they can have their grandma make knockoffs, they are the kings of junior high. That is until one of the adults at school wear a pair. Nothing worse than an adult trying to be hip. I say that, but I love my skinny jeans!

With the help of Emery, Louis wins back Jessica and all is well in the Huang home once again. That is except for the fashion business. They broke even, but were broke in the spirit department…I loved the fashionable throwback and the mention of Suncoast but I don’t know, there’s something missing with Fresh lately…Maybe tomorrow’s will feel different.

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