Fresh Off the Boat ‘3×18 ‘Time to Get Ill’: Bet on bass


Jessica was down and the rest of the Huangs were ecstatic over the possibilities of what could come of it on Fresh Off the Boat.

Being the responsible one is hard as hell. In recent months I have had to step into this role as cancer found its way to my boyfriend. It can be overwhelming to have all that weight on you, but then again he’s facing Leukemia…so I can’t really complain. I can see where Jessica was coming from though. After the boys realize they can get away with a hell of a lot more with mom down, they used it fully to their advantage. Pay Per View, Shirley temples, Carmen Electra. They had it all. That is of course until they realized Jessica had faked it to go out with Honey.

While I loved the story and the message behind the hard working mom’s story, I again was missing were the kids being fully present. I want to know more of what it was like for them growing up in the ‘90s and how that coincided with their parents, their heritage. We just don’t get that too much though. Those kids are hilarious and need more screen time – for sure.

It can be exhausting to always be on and it was nice to see her family react the way they did in the end.

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