Fresh Off the Boat 3×17 ‘The Flush’: Giant peanut


One of the hardest things to realize when you’re a kid is how knowledgeable and helpful your parents can actually be. Eddie learned that the hard way from his dad on Fresh Off the Boat, while his brothers learned that some dreams are never meant to come true.

Can I just say I admire the lengths Jessica will go to to save money. A road trip to pick up a chair to save $20, YES. When you grow up low income like myself, that is sort of ingrained in you from birth. This all resulted in a road trip to Georgia with her, the boys minus Eddie and Honey. Not too long after they hit the road did Emery and Evan have to teach Honey that it’s Jessica’s way or no way at all. Which, at this point…hasn’t Honey realized this already?

Meanwhile back at home Louis was hoping to get some bonding time with Eddie. Only their guys’ weekend took a turn when all of Eddie’s friends showed up, Trent with a beer in his duffle. The boys quickly realized they had to ditch the dad in order to sip the brew. Remember being that age and thinking that one beer would be wild? One beer between five…?


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While I always love to see Eddie’s crew, I was bummed to see Louis feel like an outsider when it came to his own son. Eddie failed to tell him about his first kiss, didn’t want to play poker and of course had the guys over during their weekend. Parents may seem like the worst things on earth when you’re a particular age, but living in a world without their help is not the business. Eddie learned that the hard way when his few sips resulted in a tomato red face.

Did anyone else expect to see that giant peanut Emery and Evan wanted to see? I really thought we would. I was naive. So, so naive. What I did like though was the growth in Jessica a bit. Remember just last week when she flipped about the game night and Louis telling people what goes on in her home? Well when Honey confronted her this week she was cool, calm and collected. Of course then the cop had to come and pull out that Road Grump. Maybe we’ll get another chance at that giant peanut next season.

Come the credits Eddie learned about the Asian Flush when it comes to drinking alcohol and how to avoid it, and Jessica learned that you can’t rip up parking tickets and then just remove your plates.

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