Fresh Off the Boat 3×16 ‘Gabby Goose’: RIP Biggie

The last time Fresh Off the Boat got this deep, Eddie was back when the season began and Emery was joining him in middle school. Eddie broke it down about stereotypes and made us all take a step back. This week he did it once more, but by dealing with death from the perspective of an eighth grader who just lost his favorite rapper. Meanwhile while the show was being too good with Eddie, Jessica and Louis were learning that no marriage is perfect.

First off, I was alive with Biggie died but I would have never guessed in a million years he was only 24 when he did. I thought he was pushing at least 30. Anyways, this episode dove into the idea of death, but also how significant a celebrity death can be. Being that Eddie is a hip hop fan and given the years – we’re not going to see Kurt Cobain’s pop up. But alas, we got the reaction to his favorite rapper, the Notorious B.I.G.


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At 13, Eddie faced death on a level that I’m not sure your average kid would. He questioned his readiness for passing away, and wondered had he done enough in his short time on earth. I watched this just feet from my boyfriend who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and felt the tears starting to collect because whether you’re 13 like Eddie, 24 like Biggie or 33 like my boyfriend – death is not something you want to face the reality of. There are a lot of mysteries when it comes to this world, but death and what comes after have to be two of the scariest things to ponder…for anyone, of any age. I wish Eddie wasn’t fixed so easily by a mural his brothers were able to erect, because I would’ve loved to see this explored a little further.

Also, the idea that a celebrity death can have the same impact on someone as the passing of their own loved one is odd…at first. But just earlier I was writing about how attached we are to television characters, and the same could go for celebrities as well. Whether they make us laugh with their acting, happy with their music or fulfilled when we watch them play – these people we’ve never met and likely never will are a part of who we are. Eddie even said it, Biggie was there for him when he first moved to Orlando when no one else was. So when he died, it really was like an old friend going away forever. I totally get it, 100%. I am still not over Robin Williams.

Then there was Louis and Jessica’s whole thing that seemed sort of subpar compared to the inner crisis Eddie was having. In the first time in a long time, I grazed over those two and wanted nothing more but a whole half hour of just Eddie and his thoughts.

While I didn’t really care for one of the plotlines, this episode was probably one of the better ones this season in terms of showcasing who Eddie Huang is, and possibly what the real Eddie wanted out of the show when it started. Something with substance, but with a slice of comedy in between.

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