Fresh Off the Boat 3×15 ‘Living While Eddie’: Baby to Scary


Ever since I was little, I have loathed whoever was in office for messing with TV time. Yeah, Fresh Off the Boat wasn’t interrupted and we got a new one, but nights like this just throw me off and I needed to vent a little, okay? Just like Jessica thought she had to lie about having a dishwasher this whole time. Some things in life just can’t be explained and are necessary.

My whole thing with the dishwasher was…did the boys know what those were before Evan stumbled home amazed by the one he saw at his friend’s house? That’s just weird to me. I also assumed those had been around since at least the ‘80s. Anyways, Jessica was totally right to lie about this. Dishwashers, to me (and her) are a waste of time and money. I’ve never understood the fact that you still had to rinse off dishes before you put them in there. What’s the point? I’ll just wash the damn thing.

Of course the boys felt betrayed but Jessica overreacted with Eddie lying about using the newly found dishwasher. Did she really think he was heading down some deep, dark path because of that? I thought she was acting crazy until she got that call about the shoplifting but then again – this is ABC and I was pretty sure it was all a misunderstanding…which it was. Eddie may try and act all hard, but we all know that he’s a softy who will apparently take the fall for his papaya loving little brother.

Meanwhile Louis had the chance to be in an infomercial, and Emery totally played him to get the part right from under him. We usually don’t see Emery act this way. Could we be entering a new phase for his character? I sure hope so because compared to his brothers, he’s lacking. The last time he was truly well rounded was when we found out he screams into jars. Not everyone can be perfect, and the strings need to start to unravel on that kid.

While Trump may’ve taken away The Middle tonight, at least we got something from Fresh Off the Boat. A bit of a filler if Emery doesn’t pan out, but all in all an episode with some laughs…especially that whole thing about white lies and white people.

Kendra Beltran

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