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Fresh Off the Boat 3×13 ‘Sisters Without Subtext’: Pistachio belt


While Fresh Off the Boat continues to be a funny show, I am finding it hard to really care about it the same way I do when it comes to shows like Modern Family and The Goldbergs. There the whole family is in the spotlight, but with this show it seems like they are pushing the kids more and more towards the back of their boat.

Jessica’s sister Connie is going back to school and for once Jessica is proud of her. That is until she realizes it’s art school. To her that’s a waste of time because when you grow up you need to push those hobbies aside. Thankfully Louis was able to talk some sense into her after she revealed that she too was once a painter. Who knew someone could paint that many zebras?


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Elsewhere the kids were shoved onto the neighbors who were visiting an old folk’s home. The boys were kind of there for one-liners and not much else. It was mostly about Honey and her man coming to an agreement that they didn’t need to move to a place like that. Which was nice because at 28, Honey should not be in a place like that by 30.

Back to Jessica though. The idea that she had that you don’t get to have hobbies once you’re older was such a bummer. It’s the mentality you have if you are not a dreamer in the least, which I was glad to see Jessica was not. By the end she realized, with the help of Louis, that you can go after your dreams and still be a responsible adult.

Back to the idea of the kids though. I know Eddie Huang in real life was not happy with the show and that’s why it came back without the voiceover, which is okay – we can get over that. But it seems like when he bounced, we also switched from a show about growing up in the ‘90s to one about a mom and dad in the ‘90s who happen to have kids who do stuff from time to time. While I love Jessica as a character, I would love to see Eddie as more of the focus week to week. They need to be more like The Goldbergs and find that balance between the adults and the kids because this season it’s felt a little uneven.

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