Fresh Off the Boat 3×13 ‘Neighbors with Attitude’: First kiss


Did someone at ABC sense this season needed more focus on the kids, because this week’s Fresh Off the Boat was actually laugh out loud funny and in all honesty it has everything to do with Eddie’s friends. Even Evan’s small story line with the money owed to him was funnier than a lot of what has happened in the past few weeks. Yes, Jessica’s neighborhood ordeal was good but come on – that mouth to mouth…or whatever it was, that was golden.

After a sandwich winds up in the Huang’s mailbox, Jessica calls for a neighborhood watch to form. They surprisingly love her idea BUT go ahead without her because to no one’s surprise – they didn’t think she was a team player. There was then a great sequence of Louis training his wife to be cordial with opposing views, and in the end her Where’s Waldo skills helped save a lost boy from their own neighborhood.


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All fine and good, but Eddie was looking to score his first kiss this Valentine’s Day. My only problem with this was the fact that him and Allison have been together over a year and haven’t kissed yet? I get they are young, but really? They aren’t in second grade. This should’ve been something that happened MONTHS ago. Anyways, with the help of his ginger friend – Eddie had a plan in place. Of course things didn’t go down the way he wanted and his first lip lock happened to be with his best bud instead of his girl, but at least his second kiss was with Allison.

I am at a crossroads with this show because I absolutely love Constance Wu. She is one of the best TV moms out there right now, but it seems like they can’t find a way to always balance the parents realm with the kids. Which is a damn shame because Eddie and his friends could have their own show, and I’d be watching. That sickly kid. He is always on point. I hate to repeat myself, but they could learn a lot from The Goldbergs. Which is a show that plays out flawlessly 98% of the time when it comes to showcasing the parents, kids and side characters – but still make you want that cohesive show. With this one, I want Jessica and then I want the kids, but together – it’s rare they can find that flawless moment. I felt like they did when the show started, and they definitely did tonight – so if that can continue, that’d be much appreciated.

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