Fresh Off the Boat 3×11 ‘Clean Slate’: A Randy


Chinese New Year is upon us again on Fresh Off the Boat and this means getting through it free of bad karma, grudges or any other negativity. This makes Jessica nervous as hell since she’s the only one in the family who has a patience as long as a fly’s lifespan. She’s not the only one who could be doomed for a bad year though after Evan’s hate mail to his dad’s barber gets sent too early.

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One of the best things about Jessica is her ability to go off on anyone, and constantly speak her mind. But we had to watch her fight every instinct she had to blow to be nice before the new year. This meant facing those annoying people outside stores wanting to talk about the environment, a dry cleaner who wronged her son and a unknown house guest. Which speaking of, grandma over there invited some random second cousin to spend the New Year with them and he was placed in Eddie’s care.

On the outside this kid was what most would consider a nerd. The haircut, the shorts that Eddie said almost touched his nipples and his new found love of Build a Bear. Only when his cousin pushed, this nerd pushed back hard. Eddie tried to punk this kid with a freestyle rap, but his cousin came back with an amazing set of rhymes that sure put Eddie in his place because if we’re being real – Eddie didn’t have the best flow in the world. Also, can we get more episodes featuring Eddie’s friends?


Photo Source: ABC

During all of that Evan was trying to get through the New Year with a decent haircut, and no bad karma after a letter he wrote got sent out. I found it weird that this barber could get Louis’ hair right every time, but failed on this kid time after time. How awesome was it to see some love thrown Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ way? Poor Evan though getting a haircut that looked more like Brad’s than Randy’s from Home Improvement. NO ONE liked Brad, then and now!

In the end Jessica admitted she wished she was more like Emery, able to get along with everyone, Eddie and his cousin bonded over hip hop, and Evan realized his year would be okay despite the letter.

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