Fresh Off the Boat 3×09 ‘How to Be An American’: Modern romantic


At first this seemed like a rerun since I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard that octopus story from Louis, but behold – Fresh Off the Boat found a new way to present it as we learned the real story behind how he and Jessica came to be as she awaited her citizenship. While their parents were down at the government office, the boys were home from school and getting blackmailed by their grandma.

Turns out that the octopus food poisoning story we learned in the past wasn’t that true. I mean that’s the night Jessica and Louis came to be, but as this interview continued to unfold we learned she was once a teacher, has a police record and finally said yes to Louis’ proposals the day her Visa was denied. This all looked bad for a minute like, wait – are these two a sham? Instead we learned that Miss. I’m Not Romantic is actually quite the softy. She did fall for Louis that first night and only got that police record after writing his number down on restaurant property so she wouldn’t forget.

Why though, why keep her guard up with the one man she has promised to love for the rest of her life? On one hand I get it. She doesn’t want to seem weak by getting too sensitive, but with her husband – that should be the one person she can feel that way with – always. It’s weird that it took her this long to let some of those secrets surface – granted they only came up because of this interview.

On a lighter note, the boys were pushed to the background as their parents took center stage, and they were just okay. Of course Evan was golden with his AAA card, but other than that – the other boys are kind of hit or miss for me. Does anyone else think Eddie and Emery are kind of secondary more often than not?

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