Fresh Off the Boat 3×08 ‘Where are the Giggles?’: Freaking Elmo


It’s Christmas time on Fresh Off the Boat (and every other show right now) and with that comes a lesson about the holidays. Eddie learned he couldn’t just celebrate Kwanzaa, Jessica got a lesson about her youngest and Marv saw those pesky three ghosts we all know from A Christmas Carol.

The one thing that made this a hysterical episode was the respect and love they tossed at Jingle All the Way, the movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of all the Christmas movies to say you were going to see in theaters and be stoked about – that is not the one I’d choose from that time. They did of course also pay homage to Home Alone when they forgot Evan to see the movie, and then there was the whole thing with Marv. Which, do you think when you get a sitcom it’s in your contract to do this type of episode at least once in your series’ run?


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So Eddie wasn’t about their traditional holiday so he opted to celebrate Kwanzaa. Um, okay? This is one of those celebrations you learned too much about growing up. Maybe one day was spent on it, and then a couple days for Hanukkah. That’s if you went to a school in a small town like I did. Nevertheless, Eddie knew as much about his new holiday as I do, and Emery was not having it. Which, I respected. You can’t just jump into those because they have more days. Glad his brother was able to teach him a lesson about that.

Then there was Jessica who was guilt tripped into doing whatever it took to get a Tickle Me Elmo for Evan. Do you remember when those came out? There is no way that lady would’ve just handed one over in exchange for a Santa for a party, and even more so when her husband just let Jessica have it after ruining the kid’s party with her female Santa that looks more devious that jolly. That toy caused mass hysteria. The new footage still haunts me…

Of course we had to have A Christmas Carol homage with their neighbor seeing the error of his ways via some visiting ghosts after he wanted to sue the Huangs after he took a Home Alone-esque fall in their home.

Everyone learned something in the end and we were granted a happy holidays. Now to sit and wait until January 4th for the show to return.

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