Fresh Off the Boat 3×07 ‘The Taming of the Dads’: RIP Jerry


Lately I’ve felt like Fresh Off the Boat was losing me just a little in the humor department, but that dry spell ended tonight with an insane amount of ‘90s references, Jessica taking control of the court and Louis finding a new friend.

Did anyone else think Allison looked different? I would’ve bet money they cast someone else until the final few scenes. Anyways, she was back because her and Eddie were celebrating their one-year anniversary. Can you believe how fast they’re growing up? Let’s just get to the point though, she wanted to take a break because Eddie was starting to be somewhat of a bore. Which wasn’t surprising. We get comfortable in relationships when we can be ourselves – like Eddie told Allison. Thankfully though his dad was able to make him see the error of his ways and his and his girl were able to patch things up.


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What made me bummed though was their dad’s’ not being able to remain friends. It was a little weird at first when Louis and Allison’s dad bonded that quick but hey – like I told my boyfriend when we were laughing too hard at the end with the song dedication on the radio…it’s hard for parents to make friends. I mean they have work, but do you really want to spend that much extra time with people you see 40 hours a week anyways? I hope those two can find their way back to one another.

Of course there was also Jessica elsewhere with her hilarious take on the court system. While loved her trying to persuade the jury with oranges, I have to say the best part of this whole week was the plethora of ‘90s references. There was the Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo & Juliet, Tamagotchis, Space Jam – which – I was the girl watching that instead of Leo. Sorry! But Michael Jordan with Bugs Bunny is way more interesting than people reciting Shakespeare. More episodes like this and I’ll be a happy fan!

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