Fresh Off the Boat 3×06 ‘WWJD: What Would Jessica Do?’: Costco


As if I couldn’t love Jessica from Fresh Off the Boat anymore, she showed her major appreciation for Costco this week. Of course it came with some heartache as she lost her shopping buddy to a higher power. While she was dealing with that, her other sons were trying to make the boring cereal taste good, and her husband was struggling with his new, bright smile.

As someone who enjoys spending her Sunday afternoons strolling up and down the aisles of Costco with her boyfriend looking for any and all free samples – I was all about this episode. Plus, they went and cast the voice of my girl Lisa Simpson as the sample lady. My eyes were full of hearts. Then they were broken when we watched Jessica go from a jovial montage with Evan to a dismal one where she was all alone. Of course I didn’t see the idea of Costco being someone’s church…

Okay, I really need to stop starting paragraphs with “as.” Anyways, while I could relate to Jessica’s love of Costco as an adult, my inner eight-year-old really felt for Eddie and Emery when it came to having to eat that boring, old cereal. What kid wants anything to do with cereal that lacks sugar? Not. A. Single. One. Today I’m all about some Cheerios but back in the day I was like the Huang boys and all about them Frosted Flakes, and my personal love – Cocoa Pebbles. Oh how I miss those old friends, but my teeth today can’t handle those.

Then there was the whole thing with Louis and his teeth. Was teeth whitening new in the ’90s? Just seemed like it by how everyone reacted to him.

In the end I was relieved to see Jessica accept Evan’s new Sunday tradition, but it was nice that he also realized that some days church could be skipped to hang with his mom.

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