Fresh Off the Boat 3×04 ‘Citizen Jessica’: East vs West


We’re a week away from what could potentially be Doom Day here in the US; the election that puts Hillary Clinton against a reality TV star. So it was fitting that Fresh Off the Boat had an election of their own…well the one that went down between another Clinton and Dole. Funny though, the issue of immigration was still on the lips of Americans, and while Jessica was learning her lesson, Eddie was getting into a rap war with his friends over Tupac’s supposed killer.

On a personal level, I don’t understand why there are so many steps to take to live in a new country you were not born in. I just feel we should feel free to live where we want. You want to pack up your New York apartment and head to Germany? Okay, fill out this paper, pay their taxes and call it a day. Nope, instead there are all these Visas to get and whatnot. So dumb – to me anyways. For Jessica, she wanted Prop 187 to pass and when Hector, one of their employees, tried to clap back – it was Jessica who was left in the hands of Immigration.

Meanwhile Eddie was devastated to hear about Tupac’s death. One of the saddest moments in music to come out of the ‘90s was this rapper being gunned down, but it also spawned one of the most talked about conspiracy. Like Eddie and his friends, everyone had their own opinion on who shot Tupac, but after awhile some (me included) started to believe he wasn’t dead at all. Every few months I go down a dark hole lined with articles and theories surrounding the idea that he faked his death. Because of that, I absolutely loved this part of the episode. As for the election part…

…I thought it taught a beautiful lesson about immigration that still gets touched on today. This and that episode where Eddie lays it out to Emery about why he hated his first day of school in America, this show has it’s hilarious moments but this season they’ve really strived to put a lot of actual talking points sewn in between the jokes.

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