Fresh Off the Boat 3×02 ‘Breaking Chains’: Hired help


This year we saw Adam enter high school and like I said then, it doesn’t matter what decade you’re in – school is always the same. So while none of the Huangs on Fresh Off the Boat are heading towards the milestone, Eddie is stepping into his eighth grade shoes, while his little brother is excited to start sixth grade. Meanwhile Evan is having withdrawals from his brother on the bus, and Jessica is feeling backstabbed as Louis hires her a maid.

Who in the world would be excited to start middle school? Seriously, it is nerve wracking to be the youngest at any school. Minus kindergarten of course. Then you’re the cutest of the bunch and NO ONE messes with you. Emery really didn’t have a lot of time to even be excited by the time Eddie got done with him though. For two years Eddie told a lot of lies about their culture to get him naps in class and days off of school, and now Emery is supposed to just go along with it. What I was surprised by was that the staff remembered all this crap. Was the ‘90s really that concerned with being THAT PC? Also, can we talk about gym class and the showering process. I remember my school having showers but no one ever using them in either middle or high school. I can’t imagine ever living in a world where that was a requirement.


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Back to the kids in a second…first, Jessica. As someone who loves to clean, I can see why she was upset when someone was hired to clean her home. Jessica was funny here, but I must say this was the first time in a long time that she wasn’t the most entertaining.

While Evan’s sadness over his missing brother on the bus was funny, who would have guessed that Eddie was coming from such a deep place when it came to why he started all those lies in the first place. Both brothers had strong points, but it was Evan who had the strongest. Just because Eddie didn’t want to be perceived a certain way, doesn’t mean Emery was wrong for just being who he is naturally. It reminded me of me and my younger brother in many ways.

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