Fresh Off the Boat 3×01 ‘Coming from America’: Ghost


Didn’t it feel like something was missing? Finally Fresh Off the Boat is back and they headed back to the homeland – at least as far as the parental Huangs go. As for Eddie and his brothers, it was their first time seeing Taiwan and it’s safe to say they weren’t the biggest fans. From fake Jordans to slaps in the face to a not-so-cute-face, in the end the whole family wanted to head home to Orlando.

Remember when we left off we saw Grandma Huang taking off to Taiwan to see her other son get married after Louis and his brother have a huge fight. His brother was pissed Louis was the one sent to America, the land of opportunity BUT we saw tonight Gene was doing just fine. He lived in an amazing apartment, was marrying a working actress and was also getting married in a hotel that looked like a place of royalty. It’s like no matter what you have, what your siblings have is way better. Last season you could see why Gene was pissed, but then this time around we could see why Louis returned the sentiment. In reality, both should be fine with what they got, because neither has less than the other.

In the midst of all of that Eddie was searching for a fax machine to contact Allison back home, Emery was losing his looks due to bug bites to the face and Evan went from thinking Taiwan was a dream with their year round schooling to wanting to return home a day early. Can you believe a right answer said too low would garner a slap to the face? Did that hold some truth, or was that exaggerated? Also, were people in Taiwan that into the movie Ghost?

Overall the best part of this premiere was seeing the Huangs realize where home now was. When Louis wants to move back, Jessica said it best when she said that while they could rise up in Taiwan with helping hands – they were better off working hard on their own in Orlando. I agree. Living in LA you see too many people rely on “who they know” instead of what they can do and it can get frustrating, but you just push on because achieving on your own merit feels a hell of a lot sweeter.

Now that Fresh is back, what aspects of the ‘90s do you hope they take on this season? I really hope we can get some love for The Spice Girls. What about you?

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