Fresh Off the Boat 2×24 ‘Bring the Pain’: We’ve Got It Goin’ On


Unlike with The Goldbergs, it didn’t take a random case of reruns for me to fall in love with Fresh Off the Boat. They had me at the 90’s, even though I was weary since Fox had failed to do that decade justice. Remember Surviving Jack? I clearly didn’t recall the name as I did have to Google the one star’s name I did know (half heartedly – sorry Christopher Meloni). Despite an upset with another network, I tuned into Fresh’s series premiere and absolutely loved it. I felt like it was more heroic in the sense of diversity than Black-ish in many ways, and that ABC show was one I’d connected to on a personal level at times as I myself had struggled being mixed with black, white and Spanish growing up. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve loved Fresh since the start but this season seemed to struggle at times for me. When it was good – it was amazing and when it wasn’t, it was unforgettable. Even last night, I completely forgot they hadn’t had their season finale yet – and it wasn’t until the end that I got interested.


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Did anyone else know Louis had a brother named Gene? We’ve seen him battle with his in-law before but this time it was his own blood that rattled him. Turns out they’d been on the outs ever since their dad told them years ago that he was going to send only one of them to America. We all know which one decided to take the life changing trip. Because of this year’s of hostility had built up and just when you thought they were over it with Gene asking Louis to be his best man at his upcoming wedding – nope, tempers flew and Gene ran off with grandma as his carry on. So the Huangs then leave us with a cliffhanger of sorts – them heading overseas just as the summer starts to get their grandma back and to hopefully settle things with Gene. Will ABC give them the budget to actually shoot over there? Will we get to see what goes down with Fresh returns in the fall?

While those questions loom in the back of our minds, we’ll talk about Eddie. It’s the start of summer and his girl Allison is heading off to band camp in a week or so. All they want to do is spend what little time they have talking about Chris Rock’s HBO special. Only problem is Eddie’s little brother’s do just about any and everything to sabotage that plan. They threatened to tell their parents and even recorded over the VHS he’d used to try and watch it. Then the brotherly love of the episode came over Eddie and his brothers and they found that they shouldn’t waste too much time fighting like their dad and uncle.

The other day on Chopped there were sisters and one said that even if she wasn’t related to her sister, she’d still want to be friends with her. That statement came to mind as I watched this episode and thought, is that how siblings should be? Our parents go ahead and give us a friend or two or three or whatever, and sometimes I think we can take that for granted. Then again, Eddie and his brothers seem to be in the same age range. So like many things in life, it’s all a case by case. I personally know my brothers and I would never have crossed paths if not related. Our ages are a little far from one another and personality wise – we’re all very different. They’re actually more alike than I am with either. So when it comes to siblings, I’m more about loving them but not having to necessarily be BFFs with them.

Well that’s it for another season of Fresh Off the Boat. Was it the best of this year’s shows? I wouldn’t put it in my personal top 5, but I can only hope they step it up for their third this fall.

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