Fresh Off the Boat 2×23 ‘The Manchurian Dinner Date’: Palidictorian


So Fresh Off the Boat isn’t done with it’s second season and is going one week longer than ABC’s Wednesday night comedies. Just a heads up, but this week could’ve very well been the end as we saw growth from Jessica and Emery enter a new relationship (kind of).

It’s the end of the school year and for some reason Jessica has never met Eddie’s girl Alison. Weird, but not really when he reveals that his mom would love it if he brought home a Chinese girl. With that, Alison sends in a decoy – her buddy Audrey from band. Of course this girl is a plain as white bread and impresses more than just Jessica, at first. While she’s great on paper, the tiger mom soon realizes that perfect maybe isn’t best for her oldest son.

Meanwhile, you could see the sparks flying between Emery and Audrey from the second she walked into the Huang’s home. A love of lines and whatever else it is they bonded over – no one should’ve been surprised when those two wound up together after Eddie and Jessica came clean to one another. Really, that was a surprise – Jessica hating Audrey’s clean cut ways. Well, hating them for Eddie. It goes to show that a true parent only wants what’s best for their kids, not what they personally want in life. Dating a Chinese girl was great in her head, but this one turned out to be a dud when matched with her wild Eddie. It was cute to see her admit that and to see her fall even more for the real Alison. Will we see this topic again when and if this show lasts until Eddie is well into high school? It’d be interesting to see how things progress as he got older and closer to marital age.

For some reason though, I feel that if Jessica’s fine with it now – that may be the case for the rest of time. It makes you feel sad for those parents who stick to their roots and don’t see the beauty in dating whoever it is you want. Although, I must say…the Indian culture and their arranged marriages, that’s some pretty interesting stuff. With that, if you haven’t watched Meet the Patels, do so now. It’s eye opening into a culture you may just know the surface of.

What about you guys, were your parents dead set on who you should be dating? With me, my mom was just excited when I finally met someone.

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