Fresh Off the Boat 2×22 ‘Gotta Be Me’: Fun moms and beefcakes


Most people have seen both sides of their mom. The fun and the well, mom. Most does not include Eddie from Fresh Off the Boat. This week he was more than shocked to see his mother let her hair down, ignore the rules and actually have some fun. On the flip side, Louis tried to help Emery be cool after finding some pretty interesting things in the house.

Eddie has a field trip coming up and Jessica says no. That is until she finds out it’s to colonial Florida. Which, who knew that was a thing and who would’ve guessed Jessica was a super fan of colonial America? We learned a lot this week. Well, her love makes her a chaperone and when the itinerary screams “BORING!” she takes it upon herself to take Eddie and his friends to the cool parts. Of course when your mom is Jessica Huang, any sort of fun is surprising. While this was a new side for her son, I think we all know Jessica has some sort of cool inside her rule driven body. Did you grow up with a mom like her?

Meanwhile Louis was as surprised as Eddie was about his mom when he found out someone was renting movies with his card. He thought Jessica was renting the mountain of VHS tapes starring muscle bodied men. He did what most men would do and started strutting around shirtless. Instead though it was Emery who’d been renting these movies, and it made Louis jump to the conclusion real fast that his son was gay – and it was cute how awkwardly supportive he was about to be. Instead though Emery was just trying to learn how to be tough because he felt all of his friends were changing lanes on him and going down that route, leaving him to be the sensitive kids we’ve come to appreciate.

Growing up, that’s one of the many obstacles of it. People change and like Louis said, it’s a time to explore who you are – and what he failed to mention is that it continues for the rest of your life. Who you are at 16 isn’t who you’ll be at 26. How many of you are even the same person you were last week? It’s weird to think Emery has “found himself” at that age. You have to wonder if he’s actually stunted in his mental growth just a bit and will later go through that “tough guy” phase that his friends are. I mean, remember his psychopathic outbursts when he screamed into jars?

Like last week, I wasn’t let overwhelmed what I watched. Maybe it’s the end of the season and we’re slumping along – but I need more from this show. They need that laugh, laugh, cry thing The Goldbergs has going on.

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