Fresh Off the Boat 2×21 ‘Rent Day’: Squatter Fiasco


A half hour or so before turning on Fresh Off the Boat, I had to pay rent and bills for the month and with that – my bank account is like many around the first of the month, it’s crying. So when I saw what Jessica’s first tenants were doing to her, I couldn’t help but think, “Now that’s a great idea! Can you still get away with that?” While she was dealing with the renters from hell, Emery and Evan were working to solve the case of the missing watch.

After realizing they could make more renting than they could selling their first home, Jessica, Honey and Grandma Huang look to rent. Of course Jessica takes the lead on finding the perfect tenants and just when she thinks she lands former law school attendees who turned to medicine, she’s stuck with a couple who are law school dropouts who were guinea pigs for medical trials. This drives the new landlord mad as it was she who convinced her friend and mother-in-law to take on the project, rent and picked this horrendous pair. Her pride was hurt, but man – can you imagine living for free somewhere? What I didn’t get was how content that couple was with themselves though. While the idea of living for nothing is amazing, you’d have to feel guilty if you were taking from another.


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Back at the Huang residence, Louis was trying to teach Eddie a lesson in responsibility by making him prove he could take care of something for a week; his dad’s watch. Only it ends up MIA one day, and both Eddie and Louis have no clue where it is because one took it off to shower and the other took it to prove…another lesson? While I wasn’t that into that lesson, I thought Emery and Evan’s little detective deal was cute. They really need to play up those two more often, especially Evan.

Thankfully we don’t have to see that couple anymore because Jessica and the girls sold the house. Can you legally sell a house that has living for free in it? Nevertheless, they did and one last note – can we acknowledge how great that kid next door is with the daddy issues? I love that they don’t overdo it either, just subtle and every once in awhile. Anyways, I wasn’t blown away by this episode but I wasn’t disappointed. It was a so-so week for the Huangs this time around.

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