Fresh Off the Boat 2×20 ‘Hi, My Name Is…’: Toasters and Garfield


When the Huangs end up needing a new toaster, they wind up down memory lane and Louis and Jessica tell their kids how they got their American names to help Evan come to terms with being named after a random nurse who was in the room when he was born on Fresh Off the Boat. It was not only an interesting look at them through a culture looking glass, but made you think about the importance of a name.

Mr. Responsible, Evan is thrilled to be the one to open a new account at the bank to ensure the family gets a new, free toaster for signing up. When they go though, he learns Evan wasn’t picked specifically for him – but rather he was named after a nurse and well – they wanted to keep with the alliteration of the rest of their sons. Of course he was freaked out. Eddie wouldn’t have thought twice and Emery would’ve likely just smiled and signed up. Evan put up a fight over signing his Chinese name or his American name.


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As he thought it over, his parents dived into how their names came to be. Jessica got hers after a college lesson in branding, and Louis took his from a fish guy – plus, it’s what he first introduced himself to Jessica as. While Evan didn’t see the importance in their tales, I did. Jessica’s was about making the most of her situation and self, while Louis’ was bred out of admiration and love. Then there was Eddie and his whole thing about street names. While noting Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube was a valid argument…I didn’t think we needed Busta Rhymes, but you have to respect his cameo. Only wish it came along with that stellar video he did back in the day with Janet Jackson.

So what’s in a name? Personally I love not having the most common name in the world, but I don’t really care how or why my mom came up with it. I’m just thankful I’m not one of the thousands of Ashleys and Jessicas out there that came out of 1987. With that, you do have to make your name because look at the Ashley Olsen and Jessica Lange. Yes, those were the first two to come to mind. While common in name, they worked hard to make it theirs. In the end, Grandma Huang was right, it’s not about the name – it’s about what you make of it. Also, can we all agree that her “life of crime” stealing the Garfield books from the library years ago was possibly the best part of this season?

With all that said, whatever your name is – be the best person who’s ever had that name.

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