Fresh Off the Boat 2×2 ‘Boy II Man’: Shop is closed


If there was one thing Fresh Off the Boat had to cover being in the ‘90s it’s Boyz II Men. They may not have been that relevant towards the end of the decade, but they owned that first half with music that still resonates with ears today. Whose knees don’t get weak when “I’ll Make Love to You” starts? While they had a lot of love songs, Eddie was focusing on the heartache as he faced losing the girl next door. Meanwhile his dad had baby fever and Jessica learned that sometimes she has to be her kids’ friend.

When Eddie is mistaken for Nicole’s tutor, he doesn’t fight it one bit because it gets him out of playing the piccolo (which Jessica is too for) and it ensures him alone time with his crush. It may’ve worked out if his mom never found out and if he hadn’t said no to her. People who always get their way freak when that two-letter word is said to them, which Jessica did. While I could see why she was fighting for the piccolo – those scholarships sounded promising – my heart hurt watching Eddie listen to Boyz II Men on repeat after his tutoring session was taken over, and he lost Nicole to a guy her age.


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It’s usually never the husband who wants more kids, but knowing Louis and Jessica’s personalities – this was to be expected. He wanted nothing more than a daughter after his boys failed to hug him goodbye. While his wife continued to state the shop was closed, Evan and Emery took measures into their own hands. Evan even enlisted the help of his power walking squad; a group of four moms from the neighborhood.

We’re never surprised that Jessica’s parenting works, but when Honey actually teaches her the power of friendship – that was a shocker. I never thought we’d see this woman go into her kid’s room and share a heartfelt story like that. Plus, the lesson of always finding someone better rang true when Eddie stumbled upon a girl playing a hip hop tune in the band room.

While this episode has numerous highs like the boys singing “End of the Road” at the dinner table and Eddie’s friend wearing a “history dress,” this wasn’t the strongest episode I’ve seen. Although I will say Evan continues to shine through the crowd. They scored with that casting.

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