Fresh Off the Boat 2×19 ‘Jessica’s Place’: Dramatic head turns…


Soap operas are one of the most addicting forms of entertainment. Possibly the grandfather of reality TV, they’d been around for decades before they finally made the jump from daytime to primetime – and one of the most entertaining of the new, nighttime soaps was Melrose Place. I feel like this show doesn’t get enough play so I was glad to see Fresh Off the Boat tackle why we were all too into the drama that surrounded this show, and I was just as glad to see one of Melrose’s actual residents pop up!

Jessica, like most moms in the 90’s, became obsessed with Melrose and when the season finale rolled around – she didn’t know what to do. I also like how they noted how the show did 32 episodes. Isn’t it weird how won’t even get half of that sometimes from dramas today? We’re satisfied with 13 Orange is the New Blacks and then we move on. Anyways, Jessica became distraught and with that, Honey gave her the idea to get a pool to fill the void during the summer.


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You almost instantly knew Honey was up to something and it was hilarious to see this comedy take a dramatic turn and even pull their own twist with Evan actually being her accomplice to take down that horror that is Deidra. Would you have been so quick to let that woman back in the club after she lied…about her hair? Yes, she was only wearing a wig, but I would’ve banned her for being downright horrible. We often think people stop bullying when they’re kids. We all know that’s not the case and Deidra is just one prime example of that. Her reasoning wasn’t too great though. Just because her BFF was Honey’s husband’s ex – doesn’t mean she has to be rude to Honey. Especially since Honey said this ex had a cascade of problems all her own.

Side note, what did you think of that plotline involving Emery and his anger issues? Usually cool as a cucumber, we saw him explode. Totally out of character, it was weird but I didn’t realize it was going to become a thing. Louis was right though, his “scream jars” were not okay and I hope he does find a better way to deal instead of holding things in. I say this hypocritically of course as I am not the first person to stand up and dive into what’s bothering me.

A great homage to a 90’s giant, but I would’ve liked to see some Heather Locklear in the mix. They were able to score Courtney Thorne Smith (which, how has she not changed in some 20 years?), but come on – Amanda Woodward was such an integral part of Melrose Place, that I feel they should’ve gave her a little shout out.

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