Fresh Off the Boat 2×18 ‘Week in Review’: Outbreak


Louis and Jessica’s modern day teamwork is put to the test when the boys get lice. Plus, Eddie goes toe to toe with a teacher over pizza and homework in this week’s Fresh Off the Boat.

Being in a relationship is very much like being a two-man team. You have to work together to ensure things go well. For example, my boyfriend loves to cook, and I love to clean; perfect match. For Jessica and Louis, they both thrive when organization is in play, and it wasn’t surprising to see Jessica get turned on by her man’s new system to get things done – and his attentiveness when it came to borrowing music from the library instead of buying it. All seems like a well-oiled machine and then, BAM! Lice hits the Huangs hard.

Before the lice outbreak of 1990-something, Eddie is dealing with a pain in the rear teacher. I’m with Eddie – why the heck did we have to show our work if we could do it in our head? One of the major annoyances of school, am I right? Other than that, this teacher just seemed to have it out for Eddie and I’m not sure he could even make the bet he did. Can a teacher really put a year’s worth of homework on the line when competing against his student in a faculty/student basketball game? I really think he may’ve been reprimanded for that BUT if the staff are allowed to pinch the kids during the game, it’s clear this school is lackluster with real rules and regulations. So Eddie ends up braving the world with his lice to save his class from a doubled homework load.

Back at the homestead, when Jessica learns she had lice – she loses her partner in crime. I thought that was such a rude move on Louis’ part when he first ditched her. Me and my guy always say, “Good days, bad days, as long as they’re days with you.” We have our little spats and whatnot, but to abandon him? I couldn’t imagine leaving him high and dry. Also, that was very backwards of Louis about the parenting. Jessica was 100% right, you can’t call it babysitting when they’re your own kids. She was also right when she called lice “the pedophiles of the insect world.”

This was a lesson in teamwork on all levels. Louis learned he couldn’t leave his post when times got rough and Eddie stood up for his classmates, even with an itch on his head.

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