Fresh Off the Boat 2×17 ‘Doing it Right’: Listen up…


Things were sort of lackluster on Fresh Off the Boat this week as Eddie and Louis butted heads about a chili cook off, and Jessica learned one of her other sons felt as though no one ever listened. Thankfully though they played one of the best Whitney Houston songs in a scene, so spirits were lifted.

Apparently back in DC, Louis was a maniac when it came to chili cook offs and he wasn’t going to let that side of him go now that he was in a new city. Oh no, and he thought that by finally letting Eddie be his apprentice – he’d have the win in the bag. Eddie was excited at first, but then bored to death when his dad wouldn’t let him eat what he wanted and more importantly, didn’t take his suggestions to heart. So it seemed that two Huang boys were feeling ignored this week.


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On the other side of things, we were introduced to Evan’s best friend JJ. Oh this kid, he’s not the brightest crayon on the box and because of that, Evan is always correcting his mistakes but when Jessica unknowingly flips out on JJ’s mom and gets her son disinvited to JJ’s birthday party – we’re led to believe it’s because of the mom’s spat. Instead, it’s because of Evan’s bossy ways. Honey thinks he learned it from his mom and I’m sure most of us thought the same. Nope, Evan just liked that JJ actually listened to him. Really though, Jessica really stepped it up for him this episode. She not only apologized for him, but also made sure the family started to listen to what he had to say instead of just brushing his comments away like a pesky mosquito. I did like that he finally got that briefcase he’d wanted to keep his papers “crisp.”

Eddie got a small victory as well in the end. Neither he nor his dad won the big prize but he did get to hash it out with his dad and he proved he knows what he’s doing when it comes to food. While this wasn’t the funniest episode of the show, it did showcase a problem a lot of kids face; the ignorance of their parents and family as a whole. How many times did you feel ignored growing up? We often think that doesn’t bother people, but come on – of course it does. Guess we have to speak up even louder and let people know when it does bother us, like Evan and Eddie, to finally make some changes and get heard.

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