Fresh Off the Boat 2×16 ‘Tight Two’: Lesson learned…


When you opt to have kids, you have to wonder – will they like me? I mean, there is an unconditional love most of us have for those we’re related to – but liking them? I for one know there are members of my own family I love but wouldn’t say like. This week on Fresh Off the Boat explored the surface of that while Louis stressed about having to spend actual time with his own sons without “bad cop” Jessica around to make him appear as the fun one. While he was stressing at home, Jessica was dealing with his staff at the restaurant.

With Louis looking to launch a to-go option at Cattleman’s, he’s working more than ever and only ever spending five minutes or so with the boys when he gets home before they have to head to bed. So when he breaks his leg and has to be home all the time – he freaks. What if his schtick doesn’t work ALL THE TIME? Also, without Jessica there to make him way more fun – he felt like the boys would think less of him and he’d no longer be the fun dad. In the end Louis suffers when he lets the boys cut off his cast for some entertainment.

Meanwhile Jessica was dealing with the restaurant and making life a living hell for the staff – as usual. She calls them goldfish and then catfish and wants nothing more than to fire them. Of course, until they prove their worth to her and fix a huge order she messed up. I don’t know why she always hates on them when they always have the restaurant’s back. When will she ever learn? She wasn’t the only one who learned something though, Louis learned his kids don’t love him just because he’s fun. They love him because he’s their dad. All parents could take a lesson from that.

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