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Fresh Off the Boat 2×15 ‘Keep ‘Em Separated’: Princess Jasmine


The Huang men were dealing with friendship drama when it came to their ladies and it was pretty interesting but not at all surprising that Jessica was way more immature about things than Eddie’s girlfriend, Allison on Fresh Off the Boat. While each couple ran into some trouble when it came to men and women being just friends, all was resolved – I think. I hope.

We spent much of the first season watching Eddie yearn for Nicole next door, but we seem him grow up and move on when he stumbled upon Allison in the music room. All this time though, he’s never revealed to his girl that he once was all about Nicole. The boys instantly jump to conclusions that would cause chaos. Instead, Allison was cool with Nicole, and Eddie’s former crush on her. The table’s turned though when it was Eddie who couldn’t handle her former crush on his BFF Dave. Oh Dave, one day he’ll catch a break and win the heart of a girl that’s not Princess Jasmine – although, we can all see why he’d love that Disney gal. I mean, who didn’t want her or Aladdin? Anyways, Eddie flips out on Dave and is really, really mean about it. Like dude, you can’t hate on Dave when it wasn’t his fault your girl once thought he was cute.

While Eddie was being a jerk, his mom was trying to get rid of his dad. When Louis finds himself with more time at night, he takes it upon himself to join Jessica and Honey for their book club/wine nights. The girls can’t take and it and decide it’s time Louis get back into playing pool to find himself a friend. It’s all good when he does, until Jessica finds out his new pal was a girl named Toni. Her reaction and solution was to play pool with her husband. That would’ve worked out but it turns out that Toni was a way better friend than she could ever be.


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In the end Eddie sees how wrong he was and Louis and Toni are allowed to hang out once again. What do you think? Do you think men and women can be just friends? Uh, yeah! This actually airs the day of one of my oldest friend’s birthdays and coincidentally enough – he’s a dude. He was the first friend I ever had and no matter where life takes us, we never forget to say happy birthday to one another. Plus, I think as we progress in society and aren’t so constricted by gender “norms” that maybe our grandparents once had, it’s easier for a man and woman to hang out without romance being an undertone. Honey was right, “This is the 90’s.” I think by that time we were well past that men hang with men and women hang with women thing.

Now, I said I hope everything worked out because while we did see Eddie and Dave sort things out – we didn’t get to see if Allison forgave him for the way he overreacted. I really like her character, so I hope that outburst didn’t scare her away forever.

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